A Tangled Legacy by Jazz Singh

41pvH7TOoBL._SY445_QL70_.jpgI received A Tangled Legacy by Jazz Singh as a review copy from the author, finished it the same day and have been meaning to write the review ever since. Sometimes what you want to do first happens a lot later.

The blurb:

The instant attraction between Karan and Jahnavi is doomed before it can blossom into something deeper when he becomes responsible for her father’s illness and a downward spiral in business. Known as a predator in the business world and a bastard in the media, he cannot forgive his mother for the unwavering love she bears his unknown father, the man who abandoned her…and his son. Then there’s Jahnavi, his dream woman. How can he ask her to accept his love and share the shame that is his burden?

The story:

Karanvir Singh is one of the partners at DAK Enterprises, a company which would look for companies in distress and swoop on them and take over. A ruthless businessman, Karan, has a definite role in the company. As a child he had everything that was the fad of the moment, but a loving father, and he would feel unloved. His friend, Dhruv Kalra’s father, Ashok wants to help with his education. Education completed, the kids grow up and DAK, Dhruv-Ashok-Karan is born. Kriplani, the company’s lawyer is fond of Karan and is the only one who knows what Karan wants. Karan does not want to take over another company but put them together.

On one of his trips abroad, he meets a girl while travelling on a tourist bus, she is an Indian and they travel together, but they do not exchange names, addresses or telephone numbers. When he asks for her details, she refuses saying “If we are meant to, we’ll bump into each other….”. They meet again in a lift and again part as strangers.

One day, as he and Dhruv are walking to their office, he sees the same girl waiting at the reception and upon enquiry come to know that she is Jahnavi Kapoor, the daughter of Prafull Kapoor whose company has been sued by DAK Enterproises for non-payment of dues. They have been served a notice and the factory premises have been sealed and she is here to request them to give them some time.

Now, she hates him with all her might and blames him for her father’s heart attack. He regrets that he is the cause of upheaval in their lives. He feels guilty, wants to make amends and she does not want any of it.

Lives get entangled when destinies collided. Of all the men she is attracted to him. Under normal circumstances, he wanted to introduce her to his mother. In his thoughts he willed her to understand and in his imagination she did……

My take:

I loved the story. There is friendship, there is loyalty, there is romance, there is hatred and most of all there is suspense.

The simple story has been beautifully written in perfect English.

The characters have been painstakingly created and the author has described Karan’s feelings more than those of Jahnavi. He is the loyal one, loyal to his guardian, loyal to his friend. She is the perfect daughter and Prafull is the perfect father, keeping an eye on his daughter and at the same time giving her the freedom to do as she leases.

The secondary characters also have very important roles to play in the story.

I really loved the book and am eagerly waiting for its sequel.

A must read for all fans of romance and also drama.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.


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