Finding Anya by Sundari Venkatraman

8f561-findinganyaFinding Anya by Sundari Venkatraman is one of the many books by the author, actually I have lost count of the number of books she has written, I just know that the seventeenth book is being released today.

The blurb:

Anya Chhabria wakes up in a hospital room with no recognition of who she is and where she belongs. In her troubled times, Anya finds her anchor in a handsome stranger. But is he really unknown to her?

Dev Wadhwa’s past finds him when he sees Anya lying unconscious in the middle of the road. Not willing to let go of her one more time, Dev takes her to the hospital and later to his farmhouse, where he helps her recuperate.

Sparks fly and Dev and Anya fall for each other! But the feisty Anya refuses to commit herself to marriage as her loss of memory looms larger than life.

Things aren’t easy with an ex-husband, not-so-understanding parents, and a jealous neighbour thrown into the mix. What if Anya’s memory never comes back?

Will Dev and Anya get a second chance?

Or will circumstances force them apart, yet again?

The Story:

Dev Wadhwa, the elder child of Karishma and Durgesh Wadhwa, corporate slaves with a hectic life, returns to India at the age of 25 after completing his MBA from Georgia University. Not wanting to become like them, he starts planning his farm, getting documents and licenses together and fighting a battle with his parents. Having spent most of his time with his grandmother, after the birth of his twin siblings when he was seven, he has her support in his farming venture and has even moved in with him.

Anya, the only child of Gaurav and Amal Chhabria of Chandigarh was only twenty two when her parents wanted her to get married. To get away from a disapproving mother, an indifferent father and nosy relatives, living together in a joint family, she marries Farhan Merchant, her best friend since childhood, and her parents are forced to accept him as their son-in-law. Almost two years later, they get divorced by mutual consent, similar to the way they got married, to help each other. As she is leaving the court to meet her friends, Anya meets with an accident and loses consciousness.

Dev Wadhwa happens to be there and see the accident taking place and calls for an ambulance and informs the police. As he sees the accident victim lying on the road, he realizes that the victim is none other than Anya, someone he had met five years ago, and rides with her to the hospital. When Anya comes out of coma, she has no memory, does not recall anything. She only knows Dev as the person who had saved her. She moves with him to Karjat, to his farmhouse, where he stays with his grandmother, to recoup from his illness.

My take:

Sundari and her books, I really wait for the next after finishing the first.

As usual, her characters are realistic and so is the conversation between them. The language is simple and easy to understand. Dev understands and her ex-husband is the best friend material. A little glimpse of twin torment can also be seen in the book.

The flow is good and the descriptions are such that a lot of the story can be easily visualized.

Loved the book immensely and am waiting for more books from the author.








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