Her Secret Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

51ypcocp0l-_sy346_Her Secret Husband (Marriages Made in India, Book #3) by Sundari Venkatraman  is the third book in the series, Marriages Made in India but the fourth one for me, if we take the Runaway Bridegroom into consideration.

The Blurb:

The Maheshwaris are back, a little secretly this time!

What do you do if you find a man who looks like chocolate, speaks like warm syrup, looks at you like you were the most precious cake ever created, and he can bake too? You marry him, even if in secret.

Ruma Malhotra falls head over heels and a little more in love with Lakshman Maheshwari, but her parents insist that she marry a rich businessman of their choice. When Ruma’s only option is to marry Lakshman in secret, she is left torn between her love for her parents and her passion for Lakshman. Is a secret marriage the solution or will it lead the way to a public disappointment?

Lakshman Maheshwari falls in love with Ruma Malhotra the first time he sets his eyes on her in Ranveer’s office. Will he agree to marry Ruma in secret even if it means betraying his parents?

Psst… Those who have read THE MALHOTRA BRIDE might be happy to reconnect with Sunita & Akshay Malhotra in this one.

*MARRIAGES MADE IN INDIA is a five-novella series that revolves around the characters you have met in The Runaway Bridegroom.

The story:

Ruma Malhotra, born and brought up in Delhi, hails from a rich Punjabi family, and has orthodox parents. She does not need to work but her parents allow her to do so, biding time before getting her married to a business associates’ son, Bunty Vaswani, as that would . She does not want to marry him, but knows that her father is probably malleable but her mother ……. She has an elder sister who is married and stays abroad and two younger brothers. Her grandmother is her best friend. She is active on facebook and spends a lot of time there.

Lakshman Maheshwari, the second son of the Maheshwari family, has his baking factory, Laki’s Bakes in Jaipur, which is open 24 hours. He is fascinated with baking and has made a profession of it. His parents, Meera and Mohan Maheshwari, are old school but open minded. His elder brother and sister are married, and he has two younger unmarried brothers.

They meet when she is working in Ranveer’s office and he comes there for a meeting with Ranveer. They are attracted to each other but meet stealthily so that her parents do not get a whiff of it. And then they hatch a plan to get married secretly and take her grandmother into confidence. What happens next…………

My take:

The Maheshwaris are my favourite family these days. I have read all the books of the series so far and am waiting for the next one. What I love about Sundari’s writing is that all the stories can be read as independent books and also as one big anthology.

For someone who has not read a Sundari Venkatraman book, they can start with the first one, The Malhotra Bride and move on. The more I am reading the series, the more interesting the series is becoming.

The plot is simple and well written. The language and the flow of the book is good. The characters are well developed and very realistic and the scenes are easily visualized. The tension that brews between Laki n Reema is palpable.

A must read for all romance fans, with a warning, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN. So grab the book, your pillow and a quiet space and read on.



One thought on “Her Secret Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

  1. Thank you so much Arti for that heartfelt review. I can see that you really enjoyed reading this book of mine 😀 ❤

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