My father is a Hero by Nishant Kaushik

415+IkLnZsL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgHow far does a parent go for the wellbeing of a child, to see a smile on his child’s face? Sells his ancestral home? relocates to a new place? Gets the child admitted into a prestigious school? …..

My Father is a Hero by Nishant Kaushik is about a single father Vaibhav and his daughter Nisha. I received this book from Writers Melon for a review.

The blurb:

Vaibhav Kulkarni has had few accomplishments worth boasting about in his modest life and career. Yet, his happy universe lies intact in the love and pride his ten-year-old daughter inspires in him. Nisha Kulkarni justifies every reason to be the favourite child of Pune’s premier school-be it her academic brilliance, her exceptional facility with music, or simply her unassuming charm. With his daughter showing promising signs of a stellar success story, Vaibhav has made peace with own unrequited dreams of the past. But when the girl mysteriously starts losing mojo and spirals into despair and seclusion, Vaibhav faces the toughest test of his life as single father – to reclaim his child’s trust and happiness. What distance will a middle-class man with limited means go to show his daughter the merit in believing in a dream? Read this gripping tale of love, courage, and of the emergence of an ordinary man as an extraordinary hero.

The story:

Thirty five year old Vaibhav Kulkarni is a single father, whose wife, Varsha left him, when their daughter was a baby, for her ambitions. They moved to the suburbs of Pune four years ago after selling his ancestral land in Akola, because he wanted Nisha to study in a good school and also because she had fallen in love with the city.

Now, Nisha is ten, tops in her class, is an excellent singer, the apple of her teachers’ eye and her father’s pride. She idolizes pop star Rihanna. Bali is her friend and the only support she has in her class.

Bhandari is his only friend in the city, the one who helps him and understands him. Vaibhav has a large and pure heart. He works as a systems administrator in an IT Company and is bullied by his colleagues. Even though they belong to middle class, he tries to keep his daughter happy.

On her eleventh birthday, Nisha’s friends come for her birthday party. They have a lot of fun. But on the next day, Nisha starts behaving strangely, her marks are not up to the mark, she does not want to sing, she does not want to attend classes. She even answers her father in monosyllables, and is not the chirpy girl anymore.

Vaibhav wants to bring the smile back and leaves no stone unturned to do so.

My take:

The cover is beautiful, a father and his little girl walking with their backs to us. The characters have been developed well. They are realistic and are like people we meet in our real life. The emotional bond between the father and daughter has been described beautifully. The author has described the struggles a middle class single parent has to go through to keep his child happy within his means and sometimes even more than them. He has also described the feelings of a girl in a school where she is made to feel that she does not belong. Their feelings for each other have been well developed. Even characters like Bhandari, Vaibhav’s friend and Bali, Nisha’s friend have been described well.

The story is nice, about the love between a father and his daughter. How he wants to ensure a smile on her face and how she tries to keep him happy. The story has been narrated well. Language is simple and the book is fast paced. The book made me laugh, it made me cry.

There are no details of Varsha except a few lines here and there, I would have loved it if Varsha and Nisha came face to face. The book ended too soon, the ends were still left to be tied up, like how does he pay off the credit card? What happens to his daughter’s result? What about her friends? What about his job?

It is must read for everyone, parents to understand their kids, children to understand the sacrifices their parents make and teachers to understand their students.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the Writers Melon in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.


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