Soulless by M.V.Kasi

4582c-11_8_soullessSoulless by M.V.Kasi is the third book in the Matches made in Hell Series. I received the book as a gift from the author.

The blurb:

They say when you take revenge you lose a part of your soul.

But Sia hadn’t felt her soul in a very long time. She only knew the soul-crushing fear and helplessness. Especially during the nights, when she fought an invisible enemy that terrorized her during the nightmares.

Her days weren’t any better either. She spent most of them trying to desperately gain control of her life while battling her various fears and addictions.

She was only twenty three, but she had resigned herself to live the rest of her life that way. Fearing the unknown.

Until it all changed one day.

Now she knew. She knew that the monster from her nightmares was real. And also that her soul had been ripped apart from her.

The memories had brought in fear, rage and pain, along with a strong craving for a swift payback.

But revenge was a dish best served cold. And it required a complete absence of emotion.
So now?

Now she plotted. And she schemed. She prepared herself in every possible way to hunt and destroy her enemy.

But every mission, however well planned can go awry. Sometimes it’s because even though one can be soulless, there is always the heart. A very weak and desperate heart that was being stolen by a man.

A man who was like a bright spark of vivid colors in her otherwise dark and dreary life.
A man…who was only supposed to be collateral damage.

The story:

Sia Sampath was adopted by her aunt when she was nine years old and came to the US. She and her aunt were not close, her aunt being a better boss and a mentor than a caring guardian. Most of the time, she gave her aunt a tough time, changed various schools during childhood. Se had received therapy for her addictions since she was nine and even attempted suicides ever since she was thirteen. She has been having nightmares since her childhood, like ‘there-is-someone-scary-in-my-room’, ‘I-am-dying’.

Despite her addictions, she still managed to get a business degree at a prestigious Ivy League University and interned at the company her aunt had built into a corporation over the years. She had met Anjali in Boston, shared an apartment with her in undergrad school where they had both been business majors and they got along well in their college days.

Eight months ago, twenty three year old Sia came to Hyderabad from Boston to open a branch of Blush Enterprises, her aunt’s company, and looks for Anjali, with whom she lost touch after she went to rehab and Anjali left the country. Now they are working together and have a decent relationship, maintaining a respectable distance.

She goes looking for her teacher in her old school- the only person who believed in her- the only person who made her feel safe- only to find her gone. She still has the nightmares and gets up shouting and sweating. She hates having flashbacks and spends most of her days trying to battle her fears and addictions. Memories brought in fear, rage and pain alongwith a strong craving for a swift payback, so she plots, schemes, and prepares herself to hunt and destroy her enemy.

Dr Patel is her treating doctor, the only person who had seen her at her worst, was responsible for some of her recovery and had helped her get rid of all her addictions when she was 21.  He had given her the option of fighting her demons and that day was the turning point in her life and she came up with her own set of rules and took control of the situation. Even Dr Patel does not know about her personal mission.

Ajay Manthena, 25, a self-made man, an orphan like her, a survivor with no living biological family, grew up in an orphanage before being adopted. His company, Manthena Corp, is growing rapidly. Harsha and Jyotika are his best friends. They know each other since they were 12 when Harsha’s father had adopted him and Jyotika wanted to marry Ajay ever since she was fifteen. He connects well with her and they have the same life aspirations and work well together.

Sia wants someone who was not just defined by what they have achieved, but how they have survived. Ajay fits the bill. She wants her child to inherit these genes from him but does not want the baby to inherit her genes. She meets Ajay, they get on well together, he knows she comes with a baggage and suddenly she leaves him. He decides to marry Jyotika after the rejection.

Moving according to plan, she gets pregnant with Ajay’s child and receives news with dread and relief. Relief, because her plan is working and dread, because she does not know whether she can take care of a baby. She feels guilty for using him. He is sweet, funny, passionate and fearless and brings some normalcy into her life.

She tells him about the baby, when he is on the verge to get engaged to Jyotika. He wants his baby, proposes marriage to her. He wants a formal ceremony, with a wedding album and a wedding video, because wants people who mean a lot to him to see him happy and settled.  And she is marrying for convenience. He threatens her that their marriage would be made in hell.

She wants to explain but she can’t. She wants to become someone nicer. She wants to be normal. She wants normalcy. She craves a soul-mate who would look beyond the damaged person and love her for who she was.

What does she get? Read on……………

My take:

The plot is interesting the characters are well developed. The story is fast paced and moves back and forth between the past and present but not even once did I feel lost. The language flows and so does the story. The book is unputdownable and moves from page to page. The descriptions are detailed and the scenes can be easily visualized.

The ending left me wanting for more, I am looking forward to reading the sequel of this book, ‘Ruthless’.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.


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