Coming Back Home by Anuradha Prasad

img-20161202-wa0020Coming Back Home by Anuradha Prasad is the second book by the author. I was fortunate enough to have been one of the initial readers and reviewer of both her books.

The blurb:

Arpita is on top of the world! After all she was the fresh face of Ponds India and had snubbed the casting couch of Bollywood to land a Leading role in the small screen’s most popular channel. Life never looked more beautiful!

Riku is a small town man with handsome looks and big-time Bollywood dreams. He has no ethics and is raring to make it at any cost! Unable to bag big movies as a main lead he ends up accepting a romantic role opposite Arpita on small screen. Betrayed by her own innocence, she finds herself abandoned by her dream man and cannot fathom which is more painful? Whether her failed relationship or her vanishing career!

Riku makes it to the dizzying heights of stardom after leaving her.

Beaten and broken Arpita has to make it again to even exist in a ruthless industry that only celebrates success. It is a savage ordeal even to have a roof over her head and two square meals!

What will happen to her now? Will god punish her forever for making one wrong choice? Will she die in poverty alone? Or fulfill the dreams that she had set out for?

One person must trust her to give her a chance. One opportunity must appear to raise her again! Coming Back Home – will carry you through a roller – coaster ride, yet keep you well grounded for inspiration.

The story:

A small town girl meets a small town boy on the sets of a television in Film City Goregaon Mumbai.

Arpita, the daughter of a middle class family, is the winner of a beauty paegent in her city and has bagged a role in as a lead in a television serial.

Raghu belongs to a business family in Punjab. He wants to become and actor and his parents allow him to come to Mumbai because of Tinu, his friend, an assistant director with a production house. He does not have a place to stay in Mumbai and he lives with four other people in a chawl opposite at Dhobitalao. Tinu calls him for a role and Raghu becomes Riku Sharma.

They meet, she falls in love with him and he uses her. He dumps her and she loses everything, her home, her career and is back in a rented home.

What happens next…….

My take:

I loved her first book and I loved this one too.

The characters have been developed beautifully and are very realistic. Many of us have met an Arpita or a Raghu in our life. The plot is simple and has been written in a language which is easy to understand and the flow is such that the book is unputdownable. I finished it in three sittings flat. And to tell you the truth have read some portions of the book twice.

The descriptions are detailed that I could easily visualize the scenes, especially Arpita’s house and also the scene when Raghu comes masked.

Though it is a rags to riches story but I felt that there is a lesson to learn in the story, that we have something in us which would come up when the need arises. This story also teaches us to stay grounded to our roots.



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