The Evil Twin? by P.G.Van

theeviltwin.jpgThe Evil Twin? by P G Van is the story of Vinitha Raj, a girl of Indian origin who lives in the US with her aunt and cousin.

The blurb:

Vinnie lost her parents when she was ten and lives in San Francisco with her aunt and her teenage cousin. She never expected a simple act of kindness would be life altering. Reyan comes into her life threatening to shake up her focus and challenges her resolve. He is everything Vinnie wants in a man and he shows up just when she thought she had everything she needed to stay focused on her life and her goals.

Will he crack her titanium tough exterior and get to her heart? Will she let him into her life especially with what she has been through since she was ten? Will she trust Reyan to help her recover from her emotional wounds?

Will she get to the bottom of why people think they have seen her at places that she has never been to before. Does she have a doppleganger or a twin?

Follow Vinnie’s and Reyan’s love story as she learns the true meaning of love, trust and family.

The story:

Twenty three year old Vinitha Raj, Vinnie, lives in San Francisco with her aunt and cousin, Meghan, ever since her parents passed away in an accident when their car rolled off the highway, when she was ten. She works as a bartender at night and in Starbucks during the day for a living. She takes all responsibilities and her goal is to save up enough money so her aunt can start her business. Dave is her co-bartender and a good friend and Jason, the bar owner’s son likes her. She is surprised when random strangers address her as an acquaintance and one of them even calls her Nandi, a girl who had died in a car accident in India. She thinks they are confusing her for someone else and ignores them.

One day, when she is on the way back from work, she sees a car go off the road and calls 911. And even rides with the victim to the hospital and hands over his stuff to his friend when he comes to the hospital, all the while thinking that the victim and his friend are ‘partners’. The victim is twenty five year old Reyan Bhatia and his friend is Neel Shah, and their fathers are good friends. .

She meets Reyan again and they are attracted to each other instantly and have an affair. She even moves in with him but is scared if he would want her after he found out about the demons of the past. She had lost her high school boyfriend when he found out about her. What she does not know that he knows something about her past that even she does not.

My take:

The story has been written in first person from Vinnie’s point of view. Though the story is simple, it has lots of twists and turns. It has been written in a simple language which is easily understandable. The characters have been well developed and even the secondary characters like Annie, Neel, Meg, Chloe and other friends have a substantial role to play in the story. The book has an element of humour in it.

The relationship between Annie and Vinnie (the names also rhyme) has been beautifully depicted. I loved the soul sister part. Vinnie guessing the type of drink the customer wants is something that I have read for the first time in any book.

Why is the book called so? Read it to find out because that’s where it all lies.

The author is bold, I have to give her that.


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