Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh

51Q9SX5U-XL.jpgFinding the Angel is Rubina Ramesh’s second book, the first being Knitted Tales, an anthology.

The Blurb:

All She wanted was love…
Shefali is a die-hard romantic. Having lost her parents at a very tender age, she is in search of a place which she can call home. Her passion for Art lands her a job as an art curator to the famous artifacts of the Ranaut Dynasty. When she meets the scion, Aryan Ranaut, she feels that her dream might come true until…
All He wanted was to trust…
Living the life of a modern day Prince is no easy task for the young and dashing Aryan Ranaut. Having lost his father to a rapacious woman, Aryan has severe trust issues. But upon meeting Shefali, he feels he could let down his guard. Until…
All They need is to find The Angel…
Just as Aryan realizes his love for Shefali, one of the most precious artifacts, The Angel, goes missing from the Ranaut collection. All fingers point towards Shefali—more so because she leaves the palace without telling anyone on the very night of the theft.
Finding the Angel is a story where duty clashes with love and lack of trust overrides passion. Under these circumstances, can The Angel bring the star-crossed lovers together?

The story:

Shefali Verma, 26, lost her parents in a car accident at the age of twelve. Kalpana Desai, her guardian, boss and mentor and her mother’s best friend had taken her under her wing. Now, Shefali is given the job of cataloging the antiques belonging to the Ranaut Estate by Kalpana and she grabs the job as it is a challenge to the historian in her and also because the project is very important for her company. A friendly person living on her own, Shefali has no problem in mixing with new people and follows quite a few dramas on TV as the daily soaps kept her loneliness at bay. Novelty of living in a palace excites Shefali. For the project, Shefali has to work with Prince Aryan Ranaut, Scion of the Ranaut Family, and Kalpana warns her against his amorous adventures.

Aryan is the sole in-charge of the art collection, having fallen in love with the art collection when his grandfather had introduced him to it. A shrewd and astute businessman, Aryan took over the family business after completing his education from Harvard University and has been labelled as the youngest entrepreneur. Every cell of his body spoke of Royal blood and he has political influences in all the right places. Sonakshi and Raima are his married sisters who stay in the estate with their husbands.

As a part of the project, she is entrusted with a very rare Fabrege, one of the rarest of its kind, The Angel with Egg in a Chariot, which is stolen and they think that she has stolen The Angel. She leaves the palace at the first instance without finishing the project because of forced circumstances and he has her under surveillance. He loves his mother, Gitanjali Devi, the queen, and was holding Shefali responsible for her unhappiness. He technically kidnaps her and takes her back to Ranaut and is willing to let her go free, without pressing any charges, if she hands over The Angel to him.

Both need to find it for different reasons- she, to salvage her reputation and he, for his mother, so they join forces. He is not a normal, easy going guy and she is a simple girl from Nagpur. He was after her because he thought she had stolen his precious Fabrege Egg, The Angel. She was the only woman who kindled a passionate fire within him, he had respect for her but he knew she was the one for him but had promised himself that no woman would ever make him weak. Like a fool, she had fallen in love with him.

My take:

The story is simple and has been written very well. The characters have been developed well and are very realistic. The language is simple and the flow is excellent. The conversations between the characters have been very beautifully written and the emotions of both the characters have been described well.

The mystery makes the romance even more interesting. Loved the book immensely, a perfect read for the vacations.

Looking forward to more romances from you, Rubina.






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