Twin Torment by Sundari Venkatraman

BlogTT.jpgTwin Torment, a novella by Sundari Venkatraman, is the second edition, the original book which was originally published as Double Jeopardy and has been scrapped. , . It is the story of Sanya, Arth and Ansh.

The blurb:

London based Sanya Chaturvedi is bored of the party circuit. The only child of a rich businessman, Sanya hates her aimless life and grabs the chance to revisit Mumbai, where she had spent the first twelve years of her life.
The main attraction is her childhood sweetheart Arth Sharma. She hopes to rekindle the love she used to feel for him as a kid.
Sanya’s thrilled with the opportunity to holiday with the Sharmas. But it’s Arth’s tormenting twin Ansh who insists on spending time with her while the man of her dreams is never around. And the worst part is that her body plays traitor, lusting after the devilishly handsome Ansh.
Will Sanya find relief from her bored life? And the love she came in search of? Read the book to find how destiny plays a strong role as Sanya deals with the Twin Torment in her life.

The story:

Sanya Chaturvedi, the only child of Diwakar and Bindiya, has been in love with Arth Sharma ever since she was eleven and he, sixteen.  And it never struck to find out if he returned her feelings. He had hung out a lot with her and treated her like a China doll, the only problem being, Ansh, his twin, who used to trouble her all the time. The Chaturvedis moved lock, stock and barrel to London when she was thirteen. She missed him a lot.

Now, Sanya is 22, and is plain bored with her monotonous life. She has a BA degree and does not know what to do with her life. If her mother had her way, she would have been married to the first eligible Indian bachelor, but Sanya wants to be independent, she wants a purpose in life. And her father suggests that she go to Mumbai for a holiday. For her, it would be a break before she decided what she wanted to do and also she could get to know Arth better.

Arth and Ansh are the twin sons of Shantanu and Ratna Sharma. They look alike but have opposite personalities; Arth, her savior and Ansh, the bane of her life. She does not like Ansh at all and Arth would protect her from Ansh in their childhood days.

Now, nine years later, Sanya comes back to Mumbai to stay with the Sharmas and hopes that Arth would pick her up at the airport but it is Ansh, who is there to receive her. She hates him since childhood and she makes her disappointment, on seeing him at the airport, obvious. She sees more and more of Ansh and Arth is always missing.

She finds her true vocation and plans to make cooking her career but is confused between her heart and head.

The review:

I love books which are romantic and have happy endings. And to say that this book was a nice, short and sweet read, would not be the right description of the book. It was toooooooo good. The story is simple and the characters, especially Sanya, are relatable. The language is simple and the flow, good. The author has beautifully portrayed human relationships.  The plot was interesting; very different from what I expected. The author has described the feelings of the characters.

I loved it when Ansh calls his mother, “Jewel of my life’, I wish all mother-child relationships are like this.



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