Her Bohemian Husband (Marriages Made in India, #5) by Sundari Venkatraman

hbhblogHer Bohemian Husband (Marriages Made in India, #5) by Sundari Venkatraman is the last book in the series (so far…). Wishful thinking on my part.

The Blurb:

Shatrughan, the youngest of the Maheshwari scions, lives his life travelling around the globe. Yeah, he’s struck by wanderlust and can’t remain at home for more than a couple of weeks at one time.

Avantika Kamath, the dusky beauty from Bengaluru, has chalked out a rocking career for herself as a dancer, heading her own troupe, as well as being a Bollywood choreographer. It is love at first sight for her when she sets eyes on Shatru at her best friend Dia’s wedding to his twin, Bharat.

Shatru’s attracted to Avantika but fears the commitment as he leads a Bohemian life while her life’s grounded. Can the two ends meet? Will Avantika be able to juggle her career and the marriage she wants with Her Bohemian Husband?

The story:

Shatrughan Maheshwari, the youngest brother of Ram, Lakshman and Bharat is a loner, a globetrotter, an activity that has been encouraged by his father ever since he was in school.  He has followed the National Geographic Channel when in school and his father had sent him on school trips and allowed him to leave with a backpack going from country to country working his way, taking odd jobs.

Avantika Kamath had grown up in Bengaluru and learnt Bharatnatyam in school and took fusion dance classes in college. Dancing grounds her and keeps her fit. She had joined a troupe and created her own later. Now, she is grounded in Mumbai, has a rocking career and has been given a chance to choreograph for a Bollywood film. Her dream is to start a dance school.

Shatru meets Avantika at his brother and twin Bharat’s wedding. She is his brother’s wife’s best friend and they are attracted to each other. After the wedding, Avantika goes back to Mumbai and he leaves for Melbourne. He is not ready for commitment and cannot love her and leave her. She is not the type to wait for things to happen, preferring to grab life with both hands and she is terribly attracted if not in love with the youngest Maheshwari son.

He had thought a lot about Avantika. He had refrained from getting in touch with her because he thought that it might be tough to be in a relationship with the Bohemian life he lived and he could not give up that life. When she gets an opportunity to perform with her troupe in Australia, where Shatru is, she grabs it and also stays back to catch up with Shatru after her troupe leaves.

My take:

I loved the story and was a bit sad when I realized that the series had ended. But Sundari, there are some loose ends yet to be tied: Sapna’s brothers from The Smitten husband and Dia’s sister Pia from The Casanova’s wife.

The Maheshwaris have become my neighbours now, and so we keep attending their weddings and being a part of the big happy family. But where was Chanda in this one, I missed her so.

Excellent descriptions, I felt I was in Australia. Beautiful dialogues.

Sundari, you are the best..

One thought on “Her Bohemian Husband (Marriages Made in India, #5) by Sundari Venkatraman

  1. Hi Arti,
    I am so thrilled to see that you enjoyed reading MARRIAGES MADE IN INDIA series. And you are right, there are a lot of side characters that have been planned for the future 😀
    psst… more than those you have mentioned here. So, no worries. I will do my best to continue to write and publish one book a month.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement 😀

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