No Safe Zone by Adite Banerjie

banner2-1.jpgNo Safe Zone is Adite Banerjie’s third book that I read. And I read and I read till I reached the last page of the book. This book is the story of Qiara and Kabir set in London, Delhi and Rajasthan. I received this book as a review copy from the author and would like to thank her and the publisher for the same.

The Blurb:

London based activist Qiara Rana is devastated when investigations begin against Sameera Khan, her upright mentor at Girls’ Rock!, a small but reputed not-for-profit organization. She will do anything to save them from ruin. Even if it means visiting the city that still makes her heart bleed. But within a few hours of landing in New Delhi, she is being chased by a gunman and is a suspect in the murder of a high-profile businessman. The only person she can turn to for help is the man who stood her up ten years ago.

On a mission to bust an international women’s trafficking ring, Intelligence Bureau Officer Kabir Shorey runs slam bang into the girl who has tormented his dreams. He is determined to protect her, but can he save himself from the all-consuming passion that flares up between them all over again?

As the past and present collide, old secrets are ripped away. Treading the fine lines between safety and danger, truth and lies, love and betrayal, Qiara and Kabir discover that in life there is no safe zone.

The story:

When, seventeen years old Qiara Rana was to elope with twenty year old Kabir Shorey, he stood her up.

Now ten years later, Qiara works for an NGO, Girls Rock! in London after  obtaining a degree in law and with a burning desire to save the world. Sam, her boss at the NGO, had taken her in and trained her in the business of fund raising and running of the NGO. She is sent to Delhi to search the links of Ranveer Khanna, one of their donors who is under investigation and also Reshma, the face of their South Asian Program, who has gone missing. She traces him to Delhi Polo Club and makes acquaintance with him. Within moments of her meeting him, he is murdered and she is attacked. Only to be saved by Kabir.

Kabir Shorey, 30, an officer in the Intelligence Bureau, has been entrusted with the case. He is a part of the international investigation team dealing with Khanna’s financial dealings.

Kabir is determined not to let Qiara get hurt and tries to protect her from impending troubles. The past comes up between them and they are attracted to each other. The story moves from clue to clue and from Delhi to Rajasthan as more clues are unearthed.

My take:

The book has been written in a way that it is unputdownable from the very first page. What kept me on my toes was, what happens next??

The romance, the chemistry, the suspense, it is all there in the book. The language is simple and the plot is fast paced and the twists keep the reader guessing.

The characters are well developed and the descriptions are such that I felt I was watching a movie. The cover is beautiful.

A good book to curl up with and I promise, you will finish it off in two hours flat.


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