Spotlight: The Corridor of Uncertainity by Kiran Chandra


The Blurb:

The corridor of uncertainty is a story set in the 90s of Bangalore, about a bunch of boys growing up on a sport & religion called ‘Cricket’. Karna’s love and passion for Divya is as much as for the game.

Karna & his friends, worshipers of the game, go through a pious and adventurous journey of conflict.They are guided by the principles of righteousness, sportsmanship, ethics and fair play by Mr. Iyer & most importantly the confidence instilled by their mentor Nawab Khan. They have to gain self belief, which leads them to introspect. They recognize the true sense of Arthur Schopenhauer’s quote ‘Honor has not to be won; it must only not be lost.’ They ultimately win many hearts, but will Karna win the only heart he longs for?

The boys of Lalnagar overcome many challenges in their quest to master the game. As they play the sport, they are embroiled in a conflict in their locality, a communal conflict across the nation & conflicts of interest. How Cricket as a sport collides with the real systems of faith & how the boys respond is the game plan (story line). There is a bit of Indian mythology, history, its characters & their importance & draws parallel to the war of Kurukshetra & Cricket.

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Author Bio

Kiran Chandra is a Bangalore based author, an aluauthor.jpgmnus of two of the best institutions in town Christ & St. Joseph’s. He works in the financial services industry after completing his masters in finance. He lives in Bangalore with his wife & two children. The field of creative arts has always been his passion having been part of plays presented by multiple theater groups. The corridor of uncertainty is his first book.


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