The Flaky Mummy by Madhuri Banerjee and Rohini Tiwari

Flaky Mummy[7].jpgI received the book The Flaky Mummy by Madhuri Banerjee and Rohini Tiwari as a review copy from Rupa Publications and would like to thank the publisher for the same.

The Blurb:

Motherhood is supposedly akin to sainthood—a blissful, happy mother looking adoringly at her smiley, chirpy baby. And not a cocktail in sight. But The Flaky Mummy pulls the truth out from under the carpet—in a world full of dirty diapers, the only salvation is a chilled cocktail!
This book is about the journey of six mothers with their quirky parenting styles:
A Punjabi mother stuck in the perils of a joint family while trying to bring her child up;
A tiger mother clawing her child’s path to the top;
A fad-loving disaster of a mother hopping from one ‘parenting method’ to the other;
A lost NRI who makes her way back to her ‘roots’;
A modern socialite with her new must-have accessory of the season—a baby;
A menopausal woman hitting ‘jackpot’ with her last egg.
Filled with hilarious tips and interesting observations, The Flaky Mummy is a witty satire on motherhood, which raises a toast to all the mothers out there struggling, surviving and succeeding at everything life throws their way–with a bit of assistance from their favourite tipple.

The book:

The book is about six mothers who have unique styles and individual issues. And all the six episodes have been written from that particular lady’s point of view in first person. There is one Punjabi mother who struggles to even deliver her child with the constant interference of her relatives. She has no say in anything but she still has her mother-in-law to thank for something. There is an ambitious mother whose child’s life is regimented and more focused than that of an army platoon. Her own life was based on planning and systematic execution like the corporate world that she had even started natural selection of a perfect child by selecting the ideal husband. There is another mother who believes in Attachment Parenting and caters to all the whims and fancies of the child development consultant at the cost of the lifestyle of the entire family. Then there is this socialite mother who wants everything to be on page three right from her wedding to her child’s birth. And even the name she chooses for her son. And then the NRI mother who wants to discipline her children, and that too in India. The sixth mother is a forty plus mother who conceives when jointly the reproductive system of the couple is around hundred years.

All these mothers have something common and something unique.

My take:

What an Idea. To think of writing a book on surviving motherhood through a cocktail guide. And then the different forms of parenting. All this has been written in such a hilarious manner that I was laughing all the way. And when my children asked me the reason, I would say, nothing. How can you read out things to children that they are too small to know.

The language is simple and hilarious and the flow is excellent. The names of the chapters are names of cocktails and the recipe of each cocktail is at the end of the chapter. Also at the end of the book are fifteen cocktail recipes as an index.

A nice, light read, recommended for all mothers, young and old.

Caution: at least somewhere in the book, you would once say to yourself, ‘It happened to me too.’

DISCLAIMER: I received the book as a review copy from the Publisher in return for my honest review. i have not received any monetary compensation for the same.


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