Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit

bbb35-rwwrvarshacoverRightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit is the third book in the series. The earlier ones being Right Fit Wrong Shoe and Wrong Means Right End. This book is the story of Gayatri, the negative character of the previous two books, and Viraj.

The Blurb:

Love is in the air again…and this time it’s steamy, bold and manipulative!
Gayatri, a rich, spoiled diva, is fighting to establish herself even as her tyrant father pushes her into a life not of her choice. Viraj is a genius and a con who shuns society and its hypocrisies.

Gayatri sees Viraj only as a means to an end. For Viraj, Gayatri is the epitome of all that he despises. So when their paths cross, it is a battle of feisty wills and desire.
Will Gayatri and Viraj prove to be each other’s salvation or annihilation?
From the best-selling author of Right Fit Wrong Shoe and Wrong Means Right End comes Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right. All the unforgettable characters of the earlier two bestsellers make a comeback in this unforgettable story of hurt, hearts and hope.
This is a tumultuous journey of two Wrongs who might just make everything Right!

The Story:

Gayatri Dutta, the diva, is in a fix. She has settled in India and now her father wants her to get married ASAP and she does not want to get married. She asks Nikhil Chandel, her father’s favourite, to help her. His wife Sneha and her best friend, Nandini Sharma Sarin, take it on themselves to help her. Though the three girls were never the best of friends, but Sneha, being the person she is, will go all out to help her.

So Sneha and Nandini tell her that they are going to make her Miss Independent for real. They give her the confidence, tell her to get a job. A job that will exhaust her, drive her up the wall, pull her in several directions and leave her with immense satisfaction and she would earn the deserving respect of others. The job is her real option and if she snags it and manages to keep it, she becomes irreplaceable by default. And she will be able to stall off her wedding.

But, the job is to work with Viraj Dheer, a scientist and inventor, laureate of several national and international awards. Thirty years old, with a scholarly face, squared jawline, long, narrow nose and arched eyebrows, he had made millions selling his design of a very unique toy to a company and is known as the mad scientist. Being watched is his most hated thing, second only to talking and people have never been his weakness. A brilliant practical man, he made a deathly decision to find out if there is something beyond death. When there is no more to achieve, no more to know, no more to give, he would rather switch the lights off.

During his teenage years, his father was an abusive alcoholic, poverty, their reality and his mother used to take tuitions to make the ends meet. Addressed by his father as ‘The Crazy mad Scientist’, he built a life around the moniker. He does extensive background checks on the people he hired.

He thinks if he will marry, it would be a woman who does not have an expectation for love. Sana Kirloskar, a fellow scientist, intelligent and pleasant to look at, fits the bill.

Gayatri has to find how to enter the lab and not let Viraj throw her out. And what Viraj wants Viraj gets.

My take:

The cover is BEAUTIFUL. The silver hearts, the chocochip cup cake, the champagne glasses and the background, all seem to reflect the emotions of the book. The plot is simple, but there is a love triangle. The characters been beautifully built (this is the same for all the books in the trilogy) and even the protagonists of the previous two books have a role to play in the story. I loved the way Gayatri and Viraj keep sparring and how Viraj feels he has to keep pretending.

The language used is simple and so is the narration. The author has given a simple, yet, complete gist of the two previous books. I read this one four months after the previous two, but believe me, I felt that it was only yesterday that I read the previous ones. The book is fast paced, making it an easy, breezy read. The descriptions are detailed and beautiful.

I loved the way Gayatri keeps her hobby secret from everyone only to reveal it when the time comes. The suspense built is cute.

I loved the entire series and am feeling a little lost as there nothing to look forward to in this series.

Or maybe, Bees saal baad, when the five kids grow up…………………..

Disclaimer: I received the book as a review copy from the Publisher in return for my honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for the same. This review is a part of the blog tour hosted by the Book Club.


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