Like a love song by Nikita Singh

51Q6+bPr4UL._AC_UL320_SR208,320_Like a love song is the first book by Nikita Singh that I read. It is the story of a girl who discovers her passion in life and makes a success of it.

The Blurb:

Love is a many-flavoured thing: it can go from vanilla to rainbow sprinkles in the blink of an eye.

Four years ago, Maahi s heart was broken into so many pieces that it looked like she might never put it back together again. Yet time has healed her wounds, and she has found her true calling- and even a dash or romance. But when the past comes knocking on her door, threatening to shatter a life she has carefully rebuilt, her world is turned upside-down.

Emotionally charged and vivid, Like a Love Song is about the sort of love that consumes and sears you … and the healing powers of true passion.

The story:

Maahi is nineteen, studying engineering in Bangalore because that is where her boyfriend, Kishan, works. She comes back to Delhi, heartbroken, and does not not know what to do. Her parents are disappointed and she asks for some time in order to decide what she wants to do. Her best friend, Rohit, gets her a job in telemarketing and she plans to work there till she joins college in the next session.

What she does not account for, is visiting a coffee shop next door, Cozy Coffee, and meeting Laila, the girl who changes the way she looks at her future. Laila loves to bake cookies and always has Cookie of the day on the menu, something which is not encouraged by the proprietor still he allows her to do so. Laila and Maahi become good friends and Maahi joins Cozy Coffee where she realizes her liking for baking cupcakes. Like Laila, she also has a Cupcake of the day. She wants to pursue her career in baking while her parents want her to study.

While working at Cozy Coffee, she meets Siddhant, a hard working young doctor, who visits the coffee shop often and falls in love with him. They realize that they are made for each other. She and Laila want to open a bakery selling cupcakes and cookies and work hard to do so.

He past, Kishan, tries to get back into her life. So, whom does Maahi choose, Kishan or Siddhant?

My take:

The book has been divided into parts and the story has a lot of ingredients thrown in: love, betrayal, sibling love, parental love, understanding, and above all friendship. The language is simple and the narration and flow is good. The characters have been developed well though I wanted a little more of Siddhant in the story. Also I found myself wanting to read a little more about the friendship between Maahi and Rohit. Laila was a winner all the way, she was really sorted out.

But I felt the end could have been better, a little happier or maybe a sequel is in the pipeline to give an end to the story.


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