Logically Stupid that’s Love by Shikha Kumar

51Y6Fcs5EwL.jpgLogically Stupid that’s Love by Shikha Kumar is the second book by the author. Her first one being ‘He fixed the match, she fixed him’.  The story is about Kartik and Sahana.

The Blurb:

Kartik: Yes, I want to be successful, and that’s not a crime. Trust me, I too would have wanted the same as Ms. Stupid, but I can’t toss away my hard-work of years for a girl. We would have had a beautiful love story had she not been my boss’s daughter.
Sahana: I know he’s ambitious and doesn’t know his heart well. But I’m sure one day Mr. Logical will come to my way of thinking, and we’ll have a beautiful life together thereafter.
He flirted with her for five days; she waited for him for five years, only to be shattered irrecoverably one day. Logic seems to be winning the battle, until destiny refuses to move on and adamantly brings them face to face again.
In life’s moments of struggle and comfort, the heart and mind must join hands to combat.
A love story dedicated to the generation that never values what comes easy. Wish a few logics were a little less stupid. But nevertheless…

Logically Stupid, That’s Love.

The Characters:

Kartik Brar, 24, from Amritsar, is doing his MBA (marketing) at IIM, Calcutta, when he applies for a job at a startup named DataMagica, owned by Mr. Ajit Khurana. Kartik is young, ambitious, career-oriented and logical. He wants to make a name for himself, come what may and has no time for anything else. He has a younger brother, Vinayak, Vinny. He has four close friends.

Sahana Khurana, 20, the only daughter Ajit and Alka Khurana, is fun loving. She loves to party and shop with her friends and is not serious about her studies or her career. She is beautiful.

The story:

Kartik sees Sahana at a hotel in Mumbai where she has gone to attend a family wedding and he is there to pick up his car and drive down to Goa on a paid vacation for a few days there before joining his first job at Datamagica. What he has not bargained for is a girl in the back of his car. The girl is none other than Sahana, who has runaway from her parents to escape marriage. They become friends and travel around Goa together. They come back to Mumbai and board the Rajdhani to Delhi and Kartik is shocked when he sees that Ajit is Sahana’s father.

They meet again after two years at an office party and start communicating with each other. Kartik gets busy furthering his career and Sahana gets into MBA at Nagpur. She comes back again to Datamagica to do her internship and her friendship with Kartik blossoms into love. Until one day, Kartik sees Ajit sacking another staff member for looking at Sahana.

Kartik snubs her and breaks her heart. He compensates by becoming a brute and getting involved in his work, becomes the youngest COO and she gets engaged to Rahul. Events lead to Shana joining Datamagica and meeting Kartik every day.

What happens then? Read on and find out.

My take:

The story is simple and there are a lot of emotions that have been dealt with in this story. The characters have been developed in such a way that it was easy for me to picturise them. The supporting characters have an equally important role to play in the story. The conversations between the main characters and that between the other characters have been depicted well.

The language used is simple. The chapters have cute names. The relationship between Kartik, his mother, his brother and his friends, Sahana, her mother, her best friend and her maid has been beautifully depicted.

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