That same old love by MV Kasi

29f20-mvkasibookcoverI received the book, That same old love by MV Kasi, as a review copy from the author and I would like to thank her for the same. As the author says, this book is mostly about romance and friendships.

The blurb:

A former bad girl with a past…

Mahi has hit rock-bottom. Thirty five, divorced and a bad reputation due to her extra-marital affair has her dubbed as the most unlikely bride by her haters. Not that she is interested to ever marry again. All she wants to do is to start over and lead an uncomplicated drama free life in her hometown, Hyderabad. But unfortunately, some people never forgive or forget, and hold on to their grudges for a very long time.

A former nerd who wants her gone…

Samrat, a successful entrepreneur is Mahi’s former classmate and current neighbor. Fourteen years ago, Mahi had effectively ruined his higher educational prospects with her false cheating allegations. She along with her similarly mean friends had also made his sister Ananya’s life miserable during their college days. And to make the matters even more complicated, Ananya is married to Mahi’s first love, Sidhu, whom Mahi had callously left behind to marry a person of her parent’s choice.

Watch the sparks fly…

When Mahi and Samrat butt heads at every turn, they are caught up in a fierce, but unwanted attraction that leads them into an exciting fling with no strings attached. But what would happen when one of them is no longer happy with their arrangement, and begins to demand more, wanting everything…

A humorous, heartwarming, sexy story of redemption, friendship and love.

The story:

Fourteen years ago, twenty one year old Maha Lakshmi Challuri, Mahi, lived in Hyderabad with her family. Sidhant Shah, Sidhu, the most gorgeous guy in the college, had been her boyfriend right from the beginning of their college days. He never lost his temper on her.  On the last day of college, half an hour before the last exam ended, Mahi called the invigilator and accused Samrat Reddy, student extraordinaire with an extremely brilliant and innovative mind, of cheating. He lost his scholarships and his admissions abroad. That was not all, even when they were in college, she would throw false allegations at him and trouble his younger sister, Ananya, who was her junior in college. She did all of this because she didn’t take kindly to anyone being indifferent to her or ignoring her. She was jealous of Ananya because of Ananya’s perfect family, doting parents and a loving and protecting brother. Unlike her indifferent dad, hypercritical mother and a brother who wanted nothing to do with her or her problems. She got into trouble in school and college to get a reaction from her parents.

Now, thirty five year old Mahi is back in Hyderabad from San Fransisco, after a horrible marriage, a messy divorce, a bad reputation and no support from her family. She lands after a long flight only to realize that she has lost the keys to her house, the house she has bought from her parents and has to ring the bell of their neighbour at six in the morning for the spare keys. Samrat, now a successful entrepreneur, opens the door. She is surprised to see him there and asks for her key and tries to apologise to him. Samrat wants Mahi to sell him her land for his project, she agrees and in return asks him for a job.

To make matters complicated, Ananya is married to Sidhu. He is the only person Ananya ever loved but who loved Mahi in their college days. She still has a perfect family, a handsome loving husband, a smart and beautiful daughter, an extended family, and she was also a successful author and an active blogger. She always wants everyone to like her and that is her biggest flaw.

Samrat and Mahi are attracted to each other, decide to give in to their attraction but Mahi is unable to commit. She has some skeletons in her closet.

My take:

A wonderful debut. The plot and the language are simple. The author has developed realistic characters and has touched upon a lot of issues like marital violence, extra marital affair, male child preference, loss of a family member etc. The emotions of the characters have been expressed beautifully that I could feel for them.

The author has kept the story moving in the present and interspersed with flashbacks. Though, the story moves back and forth but even once, I did not feel that they were confusing.

I felt that this book could have actually been two books, the prologue to Ananya’s and Sidhu’s marriage as the first book, epilogue, saying 14 years later, Mahi is back. And the second book moves from when Mahi comes back.

All in all a very well written book, unputdownable.

A confession, I started to read it on my desktop at lunch and downloaded the book on my phone so that I could read it on the metro home and not waste a minute. (this is the first book that I have downloaded on my phone).

Looking forward to more from the author, maybe a sequel with Srishti as the lead…..

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.




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