More Than Just Desire by Summerita Rhayne

d892b-book2bcoverI received More Than Just Desire by Summerita Rhayne as a review copy from the author. I was introduced to her work long back when she wrote her ‘first’ romance Against all rules. I must say she gives more to her readers with each passing book.

The blurb:

The Bollywood diva who ran away 

Piya walked out of an explosive situation three years ago. She married Arfaaz for security but left him facing chaos she created. Now she’s back in Bollywood and searching for the crown she gave up when she ran away. In the competitive world of starry glamour, the only way she can begin her career anew is to trash the past and get a divorce.

The man who wants her atonement 

Arfaaz is determined to get his revenge on Piya for making a farce of their marriage and leaving him to face the mudslinging. He forces her to keep up the appearances and stay with him so she can play the loving wife and repent on her sins. But Piya drives him crazy with her antics. On the top of that, the attraction between them sizzles and threatens to make him forget reason.

A passionate conflict 

Piya knows she has lessons to learn but she cannot let this man enter her heart. There is too much to risk and she cannot afford to forget the real reason she has come back. Success is her mantra and her worship. She can be faithful to only her goal…

The story:

Bollywood star Piya fled to Boston three years ago, at the peak of her career, because she did not want to be tied down. Then, she had a marriage of convenience to Arfaaz, a director. The marriage had been an attempt to save herself from lonliness and frovide food for speculation about her. They had never communicated during their initial years of marriage, just talked. She left him for another man and did not even look back. And Arfaaz wants revenge.

Now, she is back with the purpose of looking for working and taking a divorce from Arfaaz. Arfaaz comes to know of her arrival and disguises as the driver of the car and reaches the airport. He takes her home.

She tells him she wants a divorce and he agrees on his own terms.

My take:

The story is beautiful and so are the characters. The author has developed the characters in a way that it was very easy for me to feel for them and to understand why they were doing what they were doing. She has effortlessly introduced their upbringing in the story. The palpable chemistry between the estranged couple has been described in a way that I felt moulded into story frame. She has described the feelings of both the characters and the story from their points of view.

The language is simple and the flow is good. The book was unputdownable from the word go. I really want to know what happens after this book. Will there be a sequel to this one.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.

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