Irresistibly Yours by Jazz Singh

Irresistably Yours-Final (1)

I received Irresistibly Yours by Jazz Singh as a review copy from the author and would like to thank her for the same.

The Blurb (from Goodreads):

Aryan’s engagement to a gorgeous model wasn’t his choice. Neither was falling in love with a random stranger. The only choice he can make is to give up Dia, his chance love story. But he can’t get her out of his head. Or his heart.

And he can’t let his fiancée down or his family.

The story:

Dia, a caterer is on the way back to Delhi after attending her friend’s wedding in Mumbai when she meets Aryan Kapoor, a garment exporter, on the flight. They get talking and he asks her to do the catering for a party in his house. She is attracted to him from the beginning and so is he. She invites him to taste the menu and learns from him that he is hosting the party for his friends to celebrate his engagement. She is upset and knows she should not get involved with him but the attraction is there.

He wants to be faithful to his fiancée, Tina. He knows he should not lead her on but….

She tries to avoid him but still they happen to meet- by accident, by chance.

Will they be successful in avoiding each other?

My take:

A beautiful, beautiful love story written from the perspective of both the lead characters. The language is simple and the story is fast paced. The characters have been developed well and the interpersonal relationships in the story have been beautifully described. Be it the relationship between Dia and her sister, or Dia and her friends. And also the relationship between Aryan and his friends and him and his brother. The emotions have been described in detail. I felt for Dia, I felt for Aryan and I felt for Tina. Tina was portrayed very differently.

Loved the book immensely and recommend it as a must read for everyone.


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