You Raise Me Up by Arjun Hemmady

You-Raise-Me-Up-SDL824631290-1-1ebb8.jpgI received the book You Raise Me Up by Arjun Hemmady as a review copy from The Readers Cosmos and would like to thank Nimi for the same. The book is a simple story in the simple life of Aalok Sharma.

The blurb:

Aalok Sharma, a 27-year-old, chartered accountant, meets the vivacious and beautiful Priyanka Mehra, on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. They are instantly attracted to each other, though completely opposite in nature. However, something is holding Aalok back. Will this thing throw a spanner in his love story? Or will he be able to overcome his demons?

The story:

Aalok Sharma is a Chartered Accountant in Mumbai and he meets lawyer Priyanka Sharma on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. He is the quiet kind of a person and she, talks nineteen to a dozen. After the flight lands, they go their separate ways thinking that they would not meet each other again but as luck would have it, she does not find the car that has come to pick her up, so he gives her a lift. Then the hotel where she was supposed to stay is book, so he is forced to take her to his house. She is an extrovert and he is an introvert. She keeps trying to meet him and he keeps trying to avoid her. His twin sister, Esha, eggs him on as Priyanka starts expressing her feelings for him but he is confused and wants to remain aloof.

He is forced to spend New Year’s Eve with Priyanka as Isha is having her friends’ over at his house for a party. Priyanka tries to come close but he runs away and then the story moves into flash back when he was married to Tanvi.

The story moves back to the present, and as he is trying to move on, something comes up and Priyanka refuses to do anything with him.

My take:

The book has been divided into three parts depicting the present, past and present again. The characters are very realistic and well developed. The secondary characters also have a part to play in the story. I loved Isha’s protective attitude towards her brother. A simple read, something you can finish without going deep into the book. The language is simple and the flow is good. The book is so funny that I could not control myself and burst out laughing.

The font size is good, though it makes the book thick, it is easier to read. At times, the author has gone into too many details, which I felt, could have been avoided. The book has skirted around a social problem also.

The thing that I loved the best in the book was the interpretation of Queen’s song, I want to break free and how it has been used in context of the story.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.

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