26 Stories. 26 Colours. 26 Emotions. by Aditi Kaushiva

24586148I received the book 26 Stories. 26 Colours. 26 Emotions. by Aditi Kaushiva as a prize for winning the Tornado Giveaway 2 organised by The Book Club. This book is a collection of 26 short stories. I would like to thank the author and The Book club for sending me a copy.

The Blurb (from Amazon):

26 Stories. 26 Colours. 26 Emotions.
This anthology is an attempt at crafting stories which subscribe to the genre of flash-fiction which is a compendium of extremely brief narratives and stories. This anthology strives to explore the myriad hues of life by painting 26 bite-sized stories, each based on 26 colours which commence with every letter of the alphabet from A to Z. The themes developed in these stories range from marital despair to urban city-life blues, from love to loss, from child abuse to infidelity, divorce, and much more.
This anthology is inspired from ideas which took shape during the April A- Z blogging challenge which the author undertook in 2014. Each story has been written in just one day and tries to bear testimony to the fact that short, swiftly written, and transient narratives can be as powerful as the complexly constructed lines of drawn-out prose.

The stories:

The Amethyst Ring is about a girl who wants to discover herself before becoming the perfect daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, and friend. Black, No More! Is the story of a girl who would hide herself behind a burqa. Where Cattleyas Couldn’t Bloom is the story of friendship between the ‘commoner’ and the ‘princess’. I Named Him Dandelion is the story of love and affection between a girl and her new found love. Ecru Was Their World is about a family. Fuchsia Fetish is about a person fighting his inner battles. Grey Powder is about a mother who takes her unconscious son to a hospital and in Their Henna Tales, about two ladies who have henna in common, one on her hair and one on her hands. The Bleeding Ivory is about a female elephant mourning for her partner.

The Jade Mandarin Ducks is a love story. The Khakee Distress is the story of a postman and Lilac Diaries is a letter from a father to his daughter. The Marigold Seller is about a girl, Jia and Nude is about a boy who wants to help people avoid getting hurt like him. High on Olives is about liberation, awakening, acceptance and doing away with the baggage of guilt. The Periwinkle Ribbon is a story which made me realize that a support system is very essential in life. Quinces – The Smell of Friendship is about a new kid in school and Rust with years is about how we bring our children up only to wait for them later.

Scarlet Autumn made me cry. The Tangerine Dream ends on a different note from what I had expected. Umber Moth is about a butterfly and a moth and Loving Vanilla is the story of teenager. Waves of Wisteria is about separation and The Xanthic Nightmares is about a nightmare that comes repeatedly. Under My Yellow Top is the story of humility and graciousness of a man. My Zaffre-eyed Muse is the story of love.

My take:

The cover is beautiful. The stories are short, sweet, simple, with a lot of depth and well written. Each story is different and goes by the name of a colour. The author has given the meaning at the end of the story and the colours have been arranged in alphabetical order. The language and flow are good. What I missed in the book is a table of contents.


P.S This review has been long overdue and I would like to apologise for being so lazy.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.


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