Crown Prince’s Chosen Bride by Kandy Shepherd

Crown-Prince-s-Chosen-Bride-SDL235993267-1-7e5da.jpgCrown Prince’s Chosen Bride by Kandy Shepherd is a simple and sweet romance published by Harper Collins India under Cherish. As the name suggests is it is a romance that revolves around royalty.

The blurb:

Gemma Harper’s fling with gorgeous stranger Tristan was unforgettable enough… but then she discovers he’s a prince! And when Tristan throws out the royal rulebook, a happy-ever-after could be within Gemma’s grasp…if only she’s brave enough to say “I do!”

The story:

28 year old Gemma Harper, Food Director is baking a cake to mark the end of her six months self-imposed exile from dating. And she turns around to see a man standing inside the kitchen. He introduces himself as Tristan Marco and says that he had entered because Eliza, the business brain of Party Queens, had given him the passcode. He is indeed the mysterious client, the one for whom they are organizing a reception on Friday.

Tristan, the Crown Prince of Montavia, is on a short vacation in Australia as this vacation is his last freedom, the only time he can call his own, before he turned thirty. His life was different before his brother’s death who was the Crown Prince.

They are mutually attracted to each other. He hides this fact from Gemma and asks her to show him around Sydney but she declines saying it is against company rules. He asks her into organizing a romantic lunch for two on a yacht and tricks her into becoming his date. And then he cannot keep the deception any further and tells her the truth and she tells him that they should break clean.

After spending a weekend together and deciding not to meet each other again, he goes back to his kingdom and she to her work.

Do they meet again?? Read on….

My take:

The characters have been well developed, Gemma is independent, working woman who thinks with her head and Tristan is the perfect Prince, for whom duty comes first. The story is beautifully written with detailed descriptions, I could actually picturise quite a few scenes. The language is beautiful, the plot is simple and the flow is good.

I absolutely loved the book and am waiting for the sequel and looking for the prequel of the book.



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