Parenting in the Age of Facebook by Marzia Hassan

Parenting-In-The-Age-Of-SDL667650402-1-3b836.jpgI received Parenting in the Age of Facebook by Marzia Hassan as a review copy from Rupa Publications and would like to thank Rizwan Khan for the same.

On the back cover:

Parenting in the Age of Facebook recognizes the all-pervasive influence of the World Wide Web on the lives of children, and the quandaries parents find themselves in as a result.

How much ‘net-time’ is enough? Are children safe on social media pages? What are the online dangers kids could encounter and how do parents counter these threats? Do children’s IM accounts need to be monitored? If so, is there a distinction between supervision and intrusion? Can parents adjust their lifestyle choices to encourage good online habits in their children?

Acknowledging each of these questions, Parenting in the Age of Facebook encourages practical, proactive strategies—those that model the mindful use of technology, help nurture connections, and support children through healthy Internet-browsing techniques. Authored by the internationally renowned relationship consultant, Marzia Hassan, this book encourages positive parenting in the age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

My take:

The author has described how she was introduced to the children surfing sites on the internet which they were not allowed to see. She has also mentioned how the attention span of children goes down and how they get dopamine surge and get addicted to computers or other gadgets. The technology has changed and so have we. From one TV in the house to TVs in individual rooms and same is the case with Computers, now everyone has one, if not a computer, some other gadget.

She has mentioned how inculcating family values in children, discussing things with them and also their peer group helps in the long run.

Overall a very well written book. The research done by  the author deserves a special mention.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the publisher in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.


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