Perfect landing by Jyoti Singh Visvanath

9789351777342.jpgAfter reading her first book I was waiting her next one. Perfect landing by Jyoti Singh Visvanath is the story of Sara and Sam.

The Blurb:

Samrat Khanna, the handsome younger scion of the Khanna Business House, is in charge of airlifting his mother from Jammu. It does not take him long to rub the charter pilot, super-efficient Captain Sara Jena, the wrong way. When Sam creates circumstances that make their lives intertwine, Sara finds herself struggling with the gravitational force of her attraction to him.

Will Sara be able to keep her sanity and sense of self, knowing Sam can get under her skin? Is Sam even capable of being the man she needs him to be? In her flight to love, is Sara doomed to crash or can Sam help her make the perfect landing?

The story:

Captain Sara Jena works for a charter company which supplies pilots to The Khanna Business Empire. She lives in Delhi with her best friend since kindergarten, Simran, who is into research. They are more than sisters sharing everything with each other. She is a no nonsense person and kept her distance from men.

Samrat Khanna is the handsome younger son of the rich Khanna family. He has always been the protected one, indulged to a fault by his parents and buffered by his elder brother, Vir. A casanova, according to the media, he has never been given any major responsibility.

Now, his father is abroad and his mother and brother are on a pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi, Jammu, when his mother takes ill and it is his responsibility to take a chartered plane to Jammu and airlift his ailing mother. What he does not know is that the pilot is a lady. He comments on her height and gender and she does not take it lightly and discusses it with Simran and the name him, ‘Ratman’. But Sam convinces his brother to make her their employee and she is forced to keep meeting him.

My take:

The cover is beautiful and the story is short and sweet. The language is simple and the flow is good. The author’s choice of beautiful words made the story even better. The descriptions are very to the point and the author’s idea of adding some situations that have happened in the country in the recent past made the book very real.

I loved the characters. Sam and Sara were opposites and opposites attract. Even the characters like his brother and her best friend had a substantial role to play in the story. I wanted to know a little more about the senior Mr and Mrs Khanna which I felt would have made the story more interesting.

All in all, I loved the book.


Here is a link to a sneak peek into the book:


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