Parenting in the Age of McDonald’s by Tanuja Sodhi

51Gk0q0MTeL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgI received Parenting in the Age of McDonald’s by Tanuja Sodhi as a review copy from Rupa Publications and I would like to thank Rizwan Khan of Rupa Publications for the same.

On the back cover:

In an era when children have limitless food options- deep-fried chips, giant burgers and imported chocolates- and obesity is becoming a common malaise, PARENTING IN THE AGE OF MCDONALD’S comes as a comprehensive handbook that helps parents make the correct dietary choices for their children.

How do parents encourage choosy kids to eat right? How is the diet in your foodie son to be controlled, so that his body weight doesn’t become unhealthy? Are there items to be included in the food regimen of a young sportsperson?

Dealing with every kind of child across the diet spectrum- the overweight one, the picker eater, the underweight student, the young athlete, the stressed pre-teen, and the opinionated pre-schooler- PARENTING IN THE AGE OF MCDONALD’S is chock full of practical tips and real-life examples. Authored by Tanuja Sodhi, an established dietician, this book is certain to help parents strengthen the nutritional foundation of their children even when permitting the occasional fast-food indulgence.

My take:

The book starts with an introduction which makes the reader want to go on and on with the book. Mind you, it is not a one-time-read book, it is book which can be read along ie anytime or any day you want, you can read the book from anywhere.

The author has described the different types of parents and the different types of children. She has also mentioned how or what prompted her to write the book in first place. She has given a list of reasons why one may opt for the book and also mentioned that the book is not a thesis. The book has been written is a language easily understood by the common man with the objective of helping parents strengthen the nutritional foundation of their children.

She has discussed about balanced diet, micro nutrients and macronutrients; the importance of having fruits; vegetables and fibre in diet and the sources and recommended daily allowances of various micronutrients and macronutrients. She has called water- the divine cooler and discussed its importance; and called sugar-salt-fat, the triple monster. She has given a list of foods which increase our sodium intake thereby causing an increased blood pressure. She has also talked about foods that boost a child’s brain and calories required by active kids. She has also given recipes and a list of foods to munch in between meals. There is discussion on dealing with malnourishment and also obesity.

I feel, the way the book has been written, it would help both parents and children. It is interesting and easy to understand. The tips are practical and easy to follow.  I plant to give it to my eleven year old to read next because I feel this book would be of great help to her too.




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