Last Vacation by Sarah Elle Emm

7a991-lastvacation-smallI received the book Last Vacation by Sarah Elle Emm as a review copy from Bookr3vi3ws and I would like to thank Debdatta for the same. This book is the story of twin sisters, Megan and Madeline MacKenna, who have an emotional connection that is practically unbelievable.

The blurb:

Seven days have passed since Naples real estate agent Megan MacKenna has heard from her twin sister, Madeline, who was vacationing on the beautiful, Caribbean island of St. Croix. Though authorities are not convinced there is a case to solve, Megan knows with all of her heart something happened to Maddy. When Megan receives a direct warning to leave the island or end up like her sister, she turns to the only person who has taken her seriously since she arrived, Gabe, a breakfast cook at a local diner.

Undercover DEA agent, Gabriel Walker has been building his cover for months, waiting for the opportunity to work his way into the infamous Torrez crime ring. When Megan shows up asking questions and Gabe realizes her twin’s disappearance might be linked to the Torrez men, he has to convince her to go back to Florida before she becomes their next victim.

The closer Megan gets to the truth, the more Gabe begins to suspect he is missing a huge piece of the puzzle. And someone is closing in on Megan…

The story:

Madeline, Maddy and Megan are twenty eight year old twins who grow up with their grandparents in a farm in Florida after their parents’ death in an accident. After their grandfather dies and their grandmother moves to a retirement home in Naples, Florida, the twins move to Megan’s home in Naples where she makes a living as a commercial and a residential real estate agent. Maddy is free spirited and when she earns enough, she takes off on a holiday and when she would finish the money, she would come back to Megan. She had quit drinking sixteen months ago and never even indulged a little. They dress like polar opposites and behaved like opposites. They even have different tastes. Megan, on the other hand, is never thrilled about being outdoors because it stirred up the memories of the life she had run away from.

It was on one of the trips to St Croix, where she had decided to spend a couple of weeks before moving on, that Maddy meets Miguel Torrez, who makes her stay a bit more. She sees something conspiring between Miguel and his men Trevor and Dalbert, runs for her life, jumps off a cliff and disappears. Not having heard from her, Megan comes looking for her. She meets Gabe Sanchez, 34, a breakfast cook at Captain Sully’s who promises to help her. He is actually undercover DEA agent, Gabriel Walker, who wants to avenge the death of his family twenty years ago, at the hands of T, who he knows is an employee of Victor Torrez.  They follow clues, reach dead ends and are followed.

Read on to find what happens next.

My take:

The prologue was not how I would want a book to start. And it took me some time to get a hang of the book but once I got there, the book was unputdownable.

The language is simple and the book is fast paced. The characters have been developed very well and the author has described their past also. The author has used local language of the island which has made the story authentic.

The plot has a lot of twists and turns and there is some violence involved. Everytime I felt that the story was moving at a comfortable pace, there is a twist in the tale.

Overall, an interesting book that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Is there a sequel??


Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of the book from Book R3vi3ws in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.



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