A Christmas Baby Surprise by Catherine Mann

51c9rWAXPmL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_The book A Christmas Baby Surprise by Catherine Mann has been published in the Desire Series by Harlequin India.

The Blurb:

Will amnesia offer a second chance for this couple and their baby? Find out, only from USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann.
After a car accident, Alaina Rutger can’t remember her husband or their newly adopted baby. But her amnesia also means she’s forgotten the disaster they made of their marriage.
Her husband, Porter, knows he’s made mistakes. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to rebuild the family he nearly lost—even keep their near-divorce from his wife. This Christmas he’ll convince Alaina to stay. But will a secret she’s kept for years resurface and put them to the ultimate test?
The story:

A very much in love couple, Porter and Alaina Rutger, are on the verge of a divorce when they receive a call about a baby up for adoption. They decide to stay together for some time for the baby and are on the way home when they meet with an accident and Alaina goes into coma.

Now Alaina has just come out of Coma and she cannot remember the last five years of her life from how and when she met Porter to the present. All she knows about her present life is whatever Porter tells her.

Porter tells her all the happy parts and avoids telling her about the arguments that they had or the divorce which was.

But then there is her mother in law and her neighbor who want to fill in the blanks.

My take:

This is my first book by the author. The story is simple and sweet. The author has described the feelings of both the characters. I really felt for Porter who was clinging on to his second chance and for Alaina who wanted to know all that there was to know but was unable to put the pieces of the jigsaw right.


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