My Dream Man by Aditi Bose

27516868.jpgI received My Dream Man by Aditi Bose as a review copy from BookR3vi3ws and would like to thank Debdatta and the author for the same.

The blurb:

I don’t know if I can do a story like this once again or not.

Ajopa Ganguly, a struggling writer, is reeling from the pains of her manuscript having been rejected by all publishers. She knows that making cupcakes and embroidering handkerchiefs is not her true calling. However, she is scared to write anymore and is losing focus.

Aniket Verma, is the professor of economics who was also Ajopa’s tuition teacher once. Despite their twelve years age gap, with time, they forge a special bond of friendship.

Then a misunderstanding!

Now Aniket is back and it feel just like old times. With a challenge of finishing a new manuscript in record time and a promise that he will help her to get it published if she does, he asks her to meet him at the publisher’s office two days later.

Does she write?

Does she go to the publisher’s office?

At what moment does their friendship change?

Do they fall in love?

My Dream Man, a let-me-tell-my-friends and I-need-to-finish-this-now story, is an insightful examination of how forces beyond our control help us make decisions. As Ajopa says, it is all about ‘deep choosing’.

The story:

Ajopa Ganguly lives with her Bengali parents in Greater Kailash in Delhi. She loves going to Chittaranjan Park to get her dose of Calcutta. She is scared of lizards, has a sweet tooth, does not understand rules and fears ghosts. She has this wonderful habit to digress from a topic and also liked to play football. She has written a book, a romantic tragedy, her father rejected it and so did many publishers. She believes that this was because she is not a celebrity.  Money is a trigger for her so after her book is rejected, she tries her hand at painting, baking cupcakes, embroidering handkerchiefs and even tutoring children because she gets money.

She left her job almost two years ago because she wanted to WRITE. And as she sits down to write, the book goes into flashback because she is writing her own story from when they moved to Delhi from Kolkata ten years ago.

She met Mr Aniket Verma, had a crush on him and cajoled him into teaching her economics and they gradually became friends. Until, she told him that she wanted to write and he wanted to know why. And she parted ways with him saying that whoever tried to meet the other actually lost the challenge. Only to meet Rajat Agarwal during her MBA. And shunned Rajat when he proposed to her only to compare him with Aniket.

The book moves to present when she wants desperately to talk to Aniket about her problems and does not know what to do.

My take:

The book has been written in first person from the point of view of Ajopa. The story starts when she is seventeen and comes to Delhi and moves to the present. The characters are relatable and well developed. The language is simple, so is the story and flow is good. The author has used very funny descriptions to a lot of things and the way she has described herself in the first chapter is hilarious. She has introduced the other characters also in a very humorous way mentioning them as characters in her story.

The author has described what an author goes through from writing a book to printing it.

The author’s idea of chapter names being famous quoted of writers is unique. The cover is a little off the track.


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