The Deliberate Sinner by Bhaavna Arora

the-deliberate-sinner-228x228I received The Deliberate Sinner by Bhaavna Arora as a review copy from the author and would like to thank her for the same. The Deliberate Sinner is the story of Rihana.

The Blurb:

Rihana is an adventurous and free-spirited girl, until she marries Veer, an eligible bachelor who comes from a wealthy family. While they appear ‘happily married’, their strong personalities are at odds. Veer, for the most part, is insensitive to Rihana’s physical and emotional needs, straining the relationship and leaving her feeling incomplete.

Caught between the devil and the deep sea, Rihana has to now decide whether to walk out of her marriage and be a victim of society’s ridicule or compromise on her physical needs, which for her are the foundation for a healthy marital bond.

Can they work out their differences? Will Veer give her what she desires, or push her to do something desperate and scandalous?

The story:

Rihana is the only child of a rich businessman father and a politician mother. They live in Jaipur. She is a passionate swimmer. She is bold enough to go on a holiday to Thailand alone, because her friends have backed out. On the flight, she meets Veer and his friend, Raj. Raj is also her best friend.

Veer checks on her and meets her at the swimming pool one evening and tries to flirt with her. He asks her to join him for a cup of coffee but she refuses. He asks her if he swims a hundred laps, would she then go with him. She agrees and he proposes to her

after 82 laps. Then they tell their parents and get engaged.

She slowly starts to realize that Veer has no time for her, her friends in Delhi also warn her. She gets close to Raj and falls in love with him. Her parents do not want her to marry Raj and tell her that she should stick to Veer. She then gets married to Veer, hoping to fall in love with him but is not happy in marriage….

My take:

The author has discussed a topic which is kind of taboo in the Indian society. The language is simple and the book being less than 150 pages can be finished in one sitting. The characters have been developed well and I felt for Rihana, who was tied up in the shackles of society.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.


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