Until I Met You by Ishani Malhotra

51D5Pd1tfuL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_Until I Met You is the first book by Ishani Malhotra. It is a story set in Calcutta.

The Blurb:

Alisha Chopra is drop-dead gorgeous, smart and happily in love with Mayukh. Life is good for a girl in her twenties; movies, parties, outings. But all of it comes crashing down when Mayukh tells her that he needs a break from the relationship.

Just when Alisha is trying to piece her life together – broken heart, pulled spinal muscle and all – along comes the rich, handsome and charming doctor Dishant Roy. He is exactly what she needs, everything she had dreamt of. Only, he has a fiancee.

Should Alisha tell Dishant that she loves him? Will he love her back? Can she love through another heartbreak? Should she fight for Dishant, the man of her dreams? Or just choose to remain friends for life.

The characters:

Alisha Chopra: Daughter of a Bengali mother and a Punjabi businessman father, settled in Calcutta. She is in the second of MSc (Microbiology) at Presidency College, Calcutta. Aditi Roy: Aditi’s classmate and her best friend.

Sanjana: Alisha’s sister. She is happily married and lives in Guwahati with her family. The sisters are close and confide in each other.

Mayukh: A rich brat, whom Alisha met through a social networking site and they have been going around for one year now.

Dr Dishant Roy: Aditi’s cousin and stays in the same house as Aditi. He is an orthopaedic surgeon just back from America and works in Apollo Hospital, Calcutta. Trishala: Dishant’s classmate and fiancée

Prof. Varun Rana: Professor of Molecular Biology at Presidency Coellge, Calcutta.

The story:

Alisha is very much in love with Mayukh and waits for him to call her every day. Aditi does not like Mayukh and even tells Alisha but Alisha is blided by her love for Mayukh. And one day, Alisha’s world comes crashing down because Mayukh wants ‘a break’. Alisha is upset and even skips college, passing time in her mother’s salon drinking hot chocolate. One day, Aditi tells her to come back to the college. Alisha realizes that she has put on a lot of weight and needs to come back to shape and Aditi advices her to join a gym which Alisha does.

One month later, Alisha has lost five kilos and is working out in the gym when she pulls a back muscle. Aditi sends her to Dishant and ……….

My take:

I loved the story. It is cute and has been written beautifully. The characters are well developed. The language is simple and the flow is good. The author has worked her way beautifully around a simple love story with all the twists and turns. The story has been written in first person from Alisha’s point of view.

I especially loved the part when Aditi responds to her roll call in Prof Varun’s class. And also the part when Alisha refuses Dishant’s offer of coffee in the hospital because she feels that their first coffee together should not be like a doctor and patient.

An excellent debut.


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