Proposal at the Winter ball by Jessica Gilmore

I am a hoarder. And I hoard Cherish, the pretty pink covere books from Harlequin. Why?

  1. Because the stories are SWEET
  2. Because I love pink.

41NYI-cTzIL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgThis is why I try to buy the book as soon as it is available. Proposal at the Winter ball by Jessica Gilmore is the Cherish published in December 2015.

The Blurb:

Best friend to Christmas bride?
This Christmas, hotshot architect Alex Fitzgerald needs an interior designer to impress his biggest client—and fast! Who better than his best friend, Flora Buckingham? Yet one unforgettable kiss unleashes the feelings Alex has kept hidden for years…
Alex cherishes Flora above everything. He is estranged from his family, so she’s been the bright spark in a dark life. But after their kiss, Alex must make a decision—step back and protect their friendship, or risk everything, down on one knee, for the happiness he’s always dreamed of!

The story:

Flora Buckingham is the youngest daughter of a TV doctor and a food writer cum TV chef. Her older siblings are also as successful as their parents, if not more. She designs fabric because she loves it. She always makes her presents and sells a handful of items likes scarves and cushion covers, she produces on her little online shop.

Alex Fitzgerald is her oldest and best friend. They are Life-long best mates, blood brothers and confidants. He is her shoulder to cry on after break-ups and heart breaks. He has been a part of the Buckingham family ever since his childhood. He has helped her dad in the kitchen, talked through work problems with her mother and been on Flora’s side. He has always been her go to person for advice. If not for the Buckingham family, Alex would have to spend Christmas alone.

Now, Alex has his own firm and wants Flora to be his interior designer on his new assignment. He wants her to meet Camilla, his client, the head of Lusso Hotels. For this they have to go to Innsbruck, Austria just before Christmas for the opening of one of the flagship hotels that Alex designed.

My take:

The story is nice and sweet. The author has described the feelings of both the characters beautifully. It was so touching when Alex wants to protect Flora from his own self because of what his father told him when he was small.

The author has beautifully navigated around his not telling her why he left home and she not telling him that she loved him.

The book has been written beautifully.




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