Yours Truly by Zeenat Mahal (Twice Upon a Time: Two Novellas

51nxKlm-22L._UY250_.jpgI received the book Twice Upon a Time: Two Novellas by Jazz Singh and Zeenat Mahal from Jazz Singh as a review copy. The book has two novellas, Sunshine Girl by Jazz Singh and Yours Truly by Zeenat Mahal. I immensely enjoyed reading the books and shall review the novellas one by one.

The Blurb:

Two novellas in one. Sunshine Girl by Jazz Singh is about a young orphan girl Aanya, and Gaurav, the hardened businessman. It’s a story of idealism and materialism locking horns. Guess who wins?

Yours Truly by Zeenat Mahal is a story of two people growing up together. Zoya and Sheru, have loved each other all their lives, but now their love is tested in new ways and they must choose their paths.

The story (Yours Truly):

Zoya is a little girl when Sheru’s parents bring her home because she is an orphan. Sho Sheru and Zoya grow up together. She calls him Agha (big brother) and he calls her Bambi. They are like best friend and siblings until one day, when Sheru’s father tells them that he has found a match for Zoya and she would be getting married.

My take:

Wow! What a story. I loved every line of it.The story is very sweet and the characters are so loveable. As with all her books, the author had me drawn into the story. She has used a lot of Pakhtooni words which make the story all the more interesting. And she has a vocabulary at the end of the book for the Pakhtooni words used. It would have been more interesting if she would have put in the meanings as footnotes also.

Must read is all I can tell you.


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