His princess of Convenience by Rebecca Winters

P-M-B-9789351069485.jpgFebruary is the month of Romance. We see romance everywhere, malls are decorated with red hearts and so are the shops. Come February and the romance begins. So I thought might as well read romance, romance and romance in the month of romance and what you will see on my blog are reviews of romantic books. I started with Jazz Singh’s sunshine girl and now I move on to His princess of Convenience by Rebecca Winters. This book is the January issue of Cherish published by Harlequin India. It is the story of a Prince and Cinderella set in Italy.

The Blurb:

Christina Rose longs for a fairy-tale wedding, but her betrothal to Prince Antonio of Halencia was a ruse – they weren’t supposed to actually marry! As the wedding bells begin to ring, dare she hope that Prince Antonio has more than just “I do” to say…but “I love you,” as well?

The story:

Christina Rose was a poor reflection of her parents. Her mother was a former supermodel and her father wanted a boy and had thought of Christopher as the name and Christina was christened so because she was a girl. She lived away year after year in a boarding school in Montreaux, Switzerland, till she turned eighteen. There she met Elena de L’Acardi, the daughter of Halencia’s royal family and Marusha, the daughter of the Chief of Kenya’s Kikuyu tribe. She loved her parents a lot and desperately wanted their approval.

When in the boarding school, she would meet Elena’s brother, Crown Price Antonio and together the three of them would go trekking sometimes. She developed a crush on Antonio at fifteen and he also liked her.

Then he moved to California and she to Kenya until one night, she called him to give him some information on Elena and to save his family scandal from the press, he declared his engagement to her. Engaged for four years, she never felt like his fiancée, and went through the same ritual for the most worthy reason.

Now, four years later, they are married and sent off for honeymoon to a secret destination, as a wedding gift from his parents, to a magical place where there they would be cut off from the world with no phones, no internet and no TV. They start to put their hair down, until a phone call from Elena changes everything.

My take:

As with all Rebecca Winters’ books, this one also was a softie. I loved the way she has developed the characters and the way the story moves.

A purrrfect read for the romantic month.



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