The Hidden Husband by Shikha Khanduja Kaul

0f70b-hiddenhusbandI received Hidden Husband by Shikha Kaul from the author as I had won it in the Tornado Giveaway 2, a competition organized by the Book Club. I would like to thank the author and the Book Club for the same. It is the debut book of the author and the story of Aisha Saluja.

The Blurb:

Aisha is trapped in her own secret which makes her life hell. Her love for Raghav is true. But hailing from two very different cultures is the basis of their continued friction. Aisha is a Punjabi girl from Gurgaon and Raghav a Bihari from Ranchi. Raghav’s family will certainly not accept a girl from outside their community. And yet, he continues giving her false hopes through his efforts and promises. And then they take a step which entangles her life further. Will she manage to come out of this quandary or must she continue to live in her self-created web? Explore her journey that makes her realise the atrocities being committed on women in the Indian society and the tough decisions she must take, keeping her most loved ones oblivious to everything happening in her life.

The characters:

Aisha Saluja, lives in Gurgaon with her family and works in an MNC in the HR division. Piyali is her best friend since childhood and she shares everything with her.

Raghav Mishra, from Ranchi, belongs to a conservative family from Bihar.

Sameer Sachdeva, Aisha’s classmate since class 4, when he was a lanky boy with oiled hair, has had a crush on Aisha since school days. He now works for BBC and lives in London.

The Story:

Four years ago, Aisha met Raghav when he had come for a job interview to her company and over time they become friends and later they confess their love for each other. She convinces her parents but he is unable to do so.  They decide to go in for a secretive court marriage without telling both the sets of parents and take Piyali and a colleague, Sachin into confidence.

Now, one day, when Aisha is avoiding going home and enters a bookshop in a mall, she stumbles on to Sameer who is on a month long vacation to India. They sit down over coffee and Sameer asks her about her life, she beats around the bush and comes home and talks to Piyali over it and starts reminiscing what happened four years ago.

Sameer still wants to marry her but she is married to Raghav.

What will she do???

My take:

The cover is beautiful and the book mark matching with the book was the cherry on the cake. The end I expected after reading the blurb of the book was completely different from the end of the book.

The book has been divided into six parts, a prologue and an epilogue. There are no chapters, but each part representing a different phase in Aisha’s life. The first four parts are the part and the next two are the present and future.

The language is simple and the story has been written in such a way that the reader is glued to the book and the twists and turns in the plot make it all the more interesting. The Epilogue was Wow!!

The characters are very well developed and are very life like.

I even loved the conversation Aisha has with God. I also loved it when Piyali calls Raghav a virus.

The author has also touched some social issues and some recent incidents.

The book made me smile, it made me cry and it also made me feel for the characters at the same time.

A must read, but you can skip certain parts like the details of her marriage, if you are in a hurry to see what happens at the end.


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