The Divine Command (Comeback Warrior Trilogy, #1) by Saranya Umakanthan

51qVGlotqdL._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_I received The Divine Command (Comeback Warrior Trilogy, #1) by  Saranya Umakanthan as a gift from the author.

The Blurb:

The divine command was from Lord Shiva. So Shaktipurians would do anything to safeguard the ‘Taal-Patras’ — the ultimate secrets compiled onto palm-leaves by the yogis that contained everything! Yes, all the do’s and don’ts from making of the elixir to reviving the dead!

This task was headed by their beloved warrior Indrajith. But destiny brutally destroyed their plans! Their toughest braveheart was to perish in a bloody dual. This ill-fated episode prompted the rise of the nefarious king of Narakdesh — Asurshasak!
Desperate, Shaktipurians recited the revival slokas on the dead grave of their only hope…
Would Indrajith emerge and come back stronger than before? And if he comes back, who is waiting for him now with a pole arm in her hands and protruding teeth?
With black-magic obstacles barring his way, the comeback warrior — Suraj Sena is shaken when the conspirator rips off the mask! But traitors never go unpunished!

The story:

1815 AD:

King Vishnu Chopra-I creates Shaktipur, a town to fulfil Lord Shiva’s commands. Lord Shiva and Siddhik Yogi have entrusted him to safeguard the Taal-Patras. Indrajith Varma, the king’s chief warrior is the devoted guardian of the enigmatic Taal-Patras.  The princess of Shaktipur, Deepali, is in love with Indrajith, and the love is one sided. The one faced Rudraksha key given by Lord Shiva to help her father in the safekeeping task is missing. Everybody suspects it is the Asura.

Deepali writes a letter to Indrajith declaring her love for him only to be told by the Asurshasak that he loves her. She dies in the process of saving Indrajith and he dies alongside her. Asurshasak also dies and as per customs the three of them are buried.

One night, the temple priest coming back to life, the Rudraksha saves him as he had held it in his fist, and becoming a lion. He also sees that the Rudraksha splits into two-half is swallowed by Asur and half falls on Indrajith’s coffin. He reports the incident to the king who comes back to the graveyard to pray for Indrajith’s rebirth and is killed by Asurshasak in the process. His wife, the queen gives him reincarnation a boon which would protect him till his is 25.

300 years later:

The story then moves to three towns, Shaktipur, Narakdesh and Bhujapur. The Himalayas is the barrier between Shaktipur and Narakdesh. The people of Shaktipur are tortures off and on by the demons of Narakdesh.

In Bhujapur, lives 20 year old Suraj Sena with his family. Diya and Varun are his best friends. The Asuras know that he Indrajith’s rebirth and are out to harass him. There are ghosts in caves, snake in banana, mobile phone calls with the picture of a tooth that kill pets, walking into the golden swirl, mazes, voodoo demons, dwarf ghost, illusions and many more adventures that keep me glued to the book because, I really was eager to know what happens next?

Will Suraj win the battle or will he also succumb like Indrajith?

Who is behind all this, his mother, Ritupara or someone else?

My take:

The book is very well written. The narration is excellent; the events just move along and keep the reader guessing. It is hard to believe that it is the debut work of the author. The story kept me occupied and I found it hard to keep the book down. Once I was so engrossed, that I almost missed my station. The characters have been developed and described very well.  The author has taken the characters from present to past without even changing their appearance which was new to me.

Waiting eagerly for the next one in the series.

Book Source: The author

Disclamer: the views are all mine with no influence from the author.



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