Bombay Mixture- Spicy Short Stories by Ketal Joshi

2701475_origI received Bombay Mixture- Spicy Short Stories by Ketal Joshi as a review copy from the author. The book is a collection of nine short stories with a twist.

The Blurb (from Goodreads):

Spicy short stories set in Bombay, India. These 9 stories are in different flavours – humour, pathos, thriller, spy stories, etc – and all come with a tasty twist in the tail. Completely Indian in flavour, they will give you a taste kick and leave you with a delicious aftertaste.

No femme fatales or super heroes here – simple tales of simple people, but with a unique twist. Do try it out – you will definitely enjoy them. (

The book:

The book has nine short stories ranging from a person who buys a newspaper on his way to office and reads the classifieds as he has paid more for the paper because of the classifieds section. Then there is the story of a middle aged clerk who is jobless, a story about a person working at a high position in a fragrance company and one about and old man who likes family around him. There is the story of a person who is addicted to a good cup of tea and that about a person who is a paan addict. There is a story of a person who believes in happy endings and one story about a wishing well.

My take:

All the stories have been written well both language wise and flow wise. In all of them I felt that the story would move in one direction, but it suddenly would move around a hair pin bend and I would be left thinking ‘How did this happen?’

Book Source: The author


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