Author Interview Series: Varsha Dixit

Varsha Dixit is an Indian best selling author of four successful books, Right Fit Wrong Shoe (2009), Wrong Means Right IMG_0420 (1)End (2012), Xcess Baggage (2011) and her latest Only Wheat Not White (2015). Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe, was one of top best sellers of 2010.

Varsha did her Schooling at St. Mary’s Convent, Kanpur, received B.A (Honours) in Political Science from Indraprastha College, New Delhi, pursued a Diploma course in Mass Communications from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai and undertook film editing courses from UCLA extension, Los Angeles. Currently she resides in the U.S with her family.

Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free, Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman. Nowadays Varsha is busy promoting her latest multi-cultural, sassy and steamy love story, Only Wheat Not White.  The book is getting rave reviews from readers (4.5 star rating on and was of the top ten best sellers on Amazon.

Thank you, Varsha, for agreeing to this interview.

At the outset, could you please tell the readers about yourself?

I think your introduction was very kind and introduced me very well to your readers.

How did you think of writing a book?

I have been reading a wide of spectrum of books (fiction and non-fiction) since a very young age. Being blessed with an overactive imagination and having a deep love of words, writing a book seemed to be natural extension of these traits.

You have done a course in Mass Communications and undertaken courses in film editing. Have you done a course on creative writing or is the talent natural?

No, I haven’t done any courses in creative writing. I’m a completely self-taught writer and I have learnt to write a good book the hard way. However, I have enjoyed every minute of this journey and I still feel I have so much to learn from other authors.

What motivated you to write a full-fledged novel?

A story came to me and refused to go away. When I felt that it had some kind of a beginning, middle and an end I bit the bullet and penned that story. That story transformed into the debut best seller, Right Fit Wrong Shoe.

What were the challenges faced while writing the book?

My challenges were all emotional. The year I started writing Right Fit Wrong Shoe, I became a first time mother and I also lost my dad who I was extremely close to. I felt thrust into a kind of emotional vortex. It was hard to stay focused and find time to write. However writing the book became medicinal and somewhat of a cathartic experience.

Is the book based on someone you know or heard of?

No, my characters are purely fictional. However all my women protagonists are strong and sassy. This in a way is true and relatable to all the women I have grown up around. My latest Only Wheat Not White does bring together where I’m from (India) and currently where I am (USA).

The cover of your book, Only Wheat not White, is very nice, did you have a say in designing it?

Thank you for liking the book cover. I was lucky to find a great designer. I gave her a gist of elements I wanted in the book cover. She made a few samples then we decided on one. The book cover has got several compliments.

What kinds of books do you read? Who is your favourite author?

I read very different from what I write. I like to read thrillers (legal and police procedural). I do not have A favourite author, I have several – Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Arundhati Roy, Tess Gerritsen, Patricia Cornwell, Jhumpa Lahri, Michael Connolly to name a few.

When you pick up books to read, what is your favourite genre?

My favourite genres are Thrillers and Historical Romance.

Which book are you currently reading?

Memory Man by David Balladaci

What is the next project that you are working on? When is the next book scheduled for release?

I’m currently toying with two stories, one is a sequel to Only Wheat Not White and the other is the third part of the Right and Wrong Trilogy. They will probably release in 2016.

Any word of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Stay persistent, learn from criticism and don’t shy from edits or rewrites.

Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts with your readers.

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