Dipy Singh Private Detective by Ketan Joshi

279220_origI received the book Dipy Singh Private Detective by Ketan Joshi as a review copy from the author. This book comprises of 6 cases solved by Dipy Singh. All the stories have been written in first person as a conversation between the author and Dipy Singh.

The blurb:

Dipy Singh is a private detective in India who handles the strangest cases, and discusses them with me over our favourite food – tandoori chicken and cold beer.

We have worked together – (well, he worked, but we were together…at times) on many more interesting cases – tantric curses, hypnotic godmen, uncatchable thieves etc. He faces the most unusual of cases with complete cool and calm.

Not a Sherlock, but a Sher-da-baccha – the greatest ‘desi’ detective ever written.

Very funny, very Indian and very unique – this collection will leave you wanting more and more of Dipy.

The detective:

Dipy Singh, or Deepinder Singh Gehlot is a self-employed, private detective. And he is good at it too. He is a normal looking person, a clean shaven Sikh of medium height and built with a slightly receding hairline, reasonably fit, nothing extraordinary. He loves beer and tandoori chicken.  He meets the author in a bar, when the author is between jobs, they are chatting and the discussion turns to his line of work. He then recalls his cases.

My take:

The cases are interesting and this kept me glued to the book. The language is simple and the author’s style of writing them as a part of his conversation with Dipy Singh is a nice idea. I read one story at a time and enjoyed them all. And the best part of the book is that I can give it to my kids to read, and also to my parents as I know it is a book meant for all age groups.

Personally for me, I loved the case of the fat man.

Book Source: Author

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