Milan by Simi K Rao

26212981I received Milan by Simi K Rao as a review copy from BookR3wi3ws and would like to thank Debdatta for the same. I associate her books to beautiful Indian tales. Milan is a hindi word which means meeting, it also means a wedding. This is one book that revolves around everything associated with weddings, this wedding being an arranged one of Ahaan and Mili.

The blurb:

When a daughter turns marriageable age, what should a responsible father do?

Easy—wed her to the most suitable boy who comes knocking on the door. Jai Bharadwaj, Mili’s father and owner of The Serenity Tea Estate in the idyllic Nilgiris would’ve probably liked to do the same, but being who he was, he had to ask her first. What would she say?

The story:

Mili Bharadwaj, 24, is the younger daughter of Jai Bharadwaj, the owner of a tea plantation in Coonoor in the Nilgiri hills. She has just completed her education and has come home from Chennai to spend some time with her parents before furthering her career in music. Her parents want to find her a nice match for their daughter and also want to have a lavish wedding for her.

One day, her parents tell her that their old family friends want her to marry their son, Ahaan. Ahaan was her senior in school and is somebody Mili used to make fun of when they were in school. Now he is an officer in the Indian Foreign Service.

She does not want to get married but wants to become a famous sitar player, and then she meets Ahaan, and agrees to marry him. and the wooing and the ceremonies begin.

My take:

The plot is nice and simple and the flow is smooth. The characters have been developed well and the transformation of their relationship from one of hatred to one of love has been beautifully described. The cover has been designed beautifully. The setting has been described beautifully as also the scenic beauty. The Indian wedding customs have been depicted in detail with explanations for various Indian terms and rituals at the end of the book. An easy breezy read, I loved the book.

Milan Banner


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