Tornado giveaway 2: Book no 62: Wedding Belle Blues by Mia Epsilon



Author: Mia Epsilon

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1. Christina Mcclellan

2. Kirsten 

3. Jen 

The Story:

Anna is planning the perfect wedding, but she doesn’t anticipate her future mother-in-law’s

offer of help which translates into take over. Her groom-to-be avoids her and insists their growing

problems are just ‘bridal nerves’. Worst of all, her best friend, Robin, begins to act strange. Everyone

around her has his or her own agenda. What’s a girl to do when she begins to realize the perfect life she

envisioned is all a lie?

Robin has two great loves in his life: his best friend Anna and his motorcycle. Not one to make a

scene, he supports Anna in her plan to marry the wrong man and regrets she can’t accept his ‘dare devil’

lifestyle. But when push comes to shove, he’s more than willing to make the necessary sacrifice and

prove he is the man she needs.

As the wedding date grows closer and plans shift into high gear, Robin and Anna grow closer and

not just as friends. Each must decide what the perfect life truly means while trying to negotiate the

maze of wedding plans, secrets, and hidden motives. Will someone be left singing the blues?

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About The Author 



Mia Epsilon 


Mia Epsilon is the author of the ‘Weddings by C & C’ contemporary romance series

featuring a location wedding company and set in Hawaii. The first two books, Take a Chance on

Me and Wedding Belle Blues, are available now with the third, fourth and fifth due out later

this year. A feisty red head, Mia lives with her enduring hubby in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Appalachian

Mountains, USA. She’s an avid reader of almost anything and loves to be curled up with a great book.

She never misses an episode of Doctor Who or Sherlock and happily suffers coffee and chocolate

addictions. She can most often be found at her computer spinning new stories or in a quiet padded nook

with her e-reader.


Stalk her @

Website | Twitter

| Facebook


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