10 love stories- an Indiblogger selection

I attended Talking B10_love stories-coverooks with IndiBlogger, Harper Collins & Yashodhara Lal on Friday the 7th of August 2015 and received the book, 10 love stories- an Indiblogger selection from the publishers and IndiBlogger. It was a very interesting evening and I must say the rainy weather was not a deterrent for many of the bloggers who were there for the discussion. Many people even made up one minute love stories at the spur of the moment- an interesting addition to the discussion.

The book:jenny 1

Crystal Cacophony by Jenny Sarto is the story of 27 year old Ahana, a photo journalist who develops a crush on her brother’s dentist.

deepika asthanaDelhi Times by Deepika Asthana is the story of Rhea Kapoor, who hates the charade of ‘Arranged marriage’ and ‘Ashwin Mehra’ who hated these visits of bride searching.


For love of the Written Word by Natasha Gayari is the story of two roommates, Riya and Sweety, who were as opposite in nature as they could be.

Love? Bah! Humbmeena bhatnagarug by Nirvana is the story of M and G who are like Tom and Jerry and‘Never say never’ wraps up the story of M’s life.


Mind the Gap by Kobita Banerjee is a story of Swan set in London and Delhi.


At the end of the Parade by Nilanjana Bose is the story of Pallavi whose mother wants her to meet a prospective groom and she is not ready to do so until she meets him and……


Right or Wrong by Summerita Rhayne is the story of Raina and Arnav, who fell in love and got marries and now, Raina has her doubts.

varsha duttaSpeechlessly in love by Varsha Dutta is the story of Ananya and Aakash who marry for different reasons.


The Transitional Boyfriend by Parmita Bora is the story of Nikhil and Moumita who were once friends and now meet three years later, after Moumita’s breakup with her fiancé.

Whatts-Appening to Me? by Palak Kapadia is the story palakof best friends Aarav Singh and Purvi who feel lost without each other when Aarav moves to Pune from Mumbai to do his MBA.

 My take:

10 authors, 10 stories, 10 writing styles.

Some were happy, some were sad, some were good and some were not so bad.

I liked some, I loved some and some were not my cup of tea or coffee…

Some made me laugh, some made me cry and some made me ponder, why?

But on the whole, I felt I was in a different world, like Alice, meeting different characters in different settings.

There were some characters I could relate to and some I could not,

Maybe it was subjective or maybe it was the mood.

Maybe it was the time of the day,

Or maybe it was the wrong day of the week.

On the whole, it was a painstaking effort of the IndiBlogger team, to finalise 10 out of more than 500 entries. Not to mention, Yashodhara Lal, who was a mentor for the contest.

And I cannot take the credit away from the writers for weaving stories, some of which were so true to life that I could feel that I have met the characters, somewhere, sometime, someday..

A must read for all lovers of romance.

A suggestion, read one story at a time and savour it, I promise you will enjoy it more.

Book Source: Review copy from IndiBlogger

Publisher: Harper Collins


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