Business as Usual by Deepak Chawla

business-as-usual-original-imae5yqjujpvqwgpI received the book Business as Usual by Deepak Chawla as a review copy from Wordit CDE. It is a collection of five short stories set in urban corporate India.

The Blurb:

How far would you go, sacrificing your love and happiness, just to honour a commitment?

How far would you go, continuously punishing yourself, just free yourself of guilt?

How far would you go, constantly lying to yourself, just so you can achieve dreams that aren’t even yours?

With BUSINESS AS USUAL, Deepak Chawla brings together stories about such individuals, whose convictions are bigger than their situations.

Set in the urban milieu of the modern corporate world, these stories are about people who are often at crossroads making choices between values, beliefs, obligations, and convictions. But who, like most of us, ultimately deal with life with supreme tenacity, strength and courage. Because in the end, it will be BUSINESS AS USUAL.”

My take:

All the stories start with “It was business as usual” and also end on the same note. The stories are simple and easily relatable. The author has described relationships not romantic but friendships. The stories in this book are not love stories and nor are they stories of broken hearts. The characters are very real just like the people we meet in our day to day life.

My favourite story in the book is ‘Balance of fate’, a story about how things come back in a full circle.

A book with a deep, long lasting meaning which will stay embedded for a long time to come.
Book Source: Review copy from Wordit CDE

Publisher: The Write Place

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