Simple Plane love by Priyanka Luthra

Simple_0I received the book Simple Plane love by Priyanka Luthra as a review copy from Rupa Publications and would like to thank Richa for the same. This is a simple book about Meera Khanna, an airline pilot. Hence, Plane and not plain. The book starts with Meera flying for the last time in Manila as she is packing her bags to go back to India. And then the whole story is in flashback till the last chapter when the book comes back to the present.

The Blurb:

Meet Captain Meera Khanna. As a first officer on an Aeroflot Aviation plane, with a luxurious apartment in the beautiful city of Manila, she seems to have it all. Flying to exotic destinations, navigating turbulent flights through typhoons and handling engine failure are all in a day’s work.  Even when a leg injury forces Meera to take time off her busy schedule, she has the perfect solution—an exciting vacation to Subic Bay with her glamorous best friend Diana, aka Dee. And nothing could have been a better idea, what with the unexpected arrival of her childhood friend, the suave Aditya. But when Aditya seems to want more than friendship, it throws Meera off-kilter. Will Meera’s perfect life come to an abrupt landing? Or will she find her happily-ever-after?

In Simple Plane Love, join Captain Meera on a rollicking adventure, where navigating an aeroplane seems simpler than negotiating the many twists and turns of love.

The characters:

Meera Khanna, known as Em to her friends, is a commercial pilot who works for a chartered plane company in Manila. She hails from Mumbai and followed the footsteps of her father who was a pilot himself, much against her mother’s wishes. Diana, Dee, is her best friend. They met in college and have been confidantes ever since. She works as the editor of a fashion magazine and has an endless collection of bags and shoes. She does not believe is love. Aditya Kapoor, Adi, is also their best friend. He and Meera have been friends since childhood. He is a banker and is the person whom Em calls anytime for anything.

The story:

After qualifying as a captain, Meera gets a job in Manila in a chartered plane company under Captain Garcia, her boss. Then one day, she hurts her knee on one of the flights and is grounded for two weeks. So she makes use of the opportunity and calls Dee to be with her in manila when they can have a Girl vacation and does not invite Adi. The two of then go to Subic Bay for a vacation and meet an Indian sailor, Aryaman Rathore and Dee and Aryaman become friends. In Mumbai, Aditya cannot take it to be alone and ends up reaching Subic Bay and surprising Em in the process. He indicates that she is the one for him. She tries to dodge the subject.

Read on to find out Em’s feelings for Adi……

My take:

The book has been written in first person and the author being a pilot herself seems to have put in her flying experiences in the book. The story is simple and fast paced but I felt that the author could have added more interaction between Aditya and Meera, if this book was their love story.

Book Source: Review copy from publisher

Publisher: Rupa Publications


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