I do, Do I by Ruchita Misra

51CtZq6MspL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Ruchita Misra’s second novel, I do, do I is the story of Kasturi Shukla set in Delhi. Kasturi, an MBA who works in Vijaywada & Sons and thinks that she is in love with Purva Dixit, a doctor at AIIMS. Purva and Kasturi are just the opposites of each other.

i pre-ordered the book and could lay my hands on it now.

The Blurb:

Kasturi Shukla is all set to marry the man of her dreams. Time to stop doing silly things and start living happily ever after, right? Well, then maybe someone should tell Kasturi that.

This irrepressibly irreverent and not-quite-beaming bride-to-be fumbles through a messy engagement and in a moment of indecision, steps across a line that she should never have been near. To make things worse, her best friends are now nauseatingly mushy star-crossed lovers, her future mother-in-law thinks the kitchen-phobic Kasturi is a fabulous cook, her colleague Padma hates her for no reason, her boss wants medical intervention for her imaginary deafness and her mother has become a cyber-celebrity. This was not the way things were meant to go.

Smart, hilarious and utterly unpredictable, I do! do I? will have you at the edge of your seat-unless you’ve already fallen off it laughing.

The story:

The book starts with Kasturi’s mother getting frantic about the Dixit’s visiting them formally. And lo and behold, what was the first formal visit of the Dixit clan turns out to be a surprise engagement of Purva and Kasturi. Kasturi’s best friends are Amaya aka, Pitajee and Anu, who is also her flatmate. The books revolves around Kasturi getting cold feet before her wedding and Anu being dragged away by her parents lest she marries Pitajee.

But alls well that ends well.

My take: The story is cute and fast paced. The language is funny and at times I felt I would fall of the chair. It can actually be made into a hilarious film. I loved the characters especially Purva and Pitajee. The relationship between the four friends has been beautifully depicted. Kasturi’s madness is another highpoint in the book. I loved how Kasturi and her father would share their thoughts. Purva’s sog at the end made me cry. It is one book which leaves you with a smile on your face irrespective of whatever mental state you maybe in.

I have just ordered The Ineligible bachelors because I thought it makes sense to read that too.

Book Source: Bought

Publishe: Harper Collins

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