Reunited with her Italian ex by Lucy Gordon

51teC7xMOcL._AA160_Reunited with her Italian ex by Lucy Gordon is the story of Natasha Bates and Mario Ferrone set in Italy.

The Blurb:


Freelance journalist Natasha needs to find work- fast!

When a job comes up in Verona she jumps at the chance. Her heart might have been broken by a charming Italian but with few other options, promoting the city seems like a dream assignment. Until she meets her new boss and- ex!- Mario…

Mario might not be the playboy she remembers, yet Natasha strives to keep their relationship professional. But in the city of Romeo and Juliet, pursuing their star-crossed romance is hard to resist…

The story:

Never Trust a man are the words that Natasha has been believing in since she was ten when her father left her and her mother.

Two years ago, Natasha and Mario met in Venice and felt that they were made for each other only to part on bitter terms. Seeing Tania call him a traitor, Natasha runs away back to England and changes her address, telephone number, email id and all possible ways by which she could be traced and moves in with her friend, Helen.

Now, Natasha has burnt all her boats of continuing her career as a journalist in England because she has slapped Elroy Jenson, the owner of a great media empire that stretches all over the world because he was pestering her. She is in debt and all her articles are being rejected because of Elroy and she does not know what to do.

Fate intervenes in the form of Helen getting a job in Verona in Italy and she offering the job to Natasha. Natasha is reluctant to take it up because it means rekindling her past but then realises that the job is in Verona and not Venice and takes it up.

Upon reaching Verona, she meets Giorgio Marcelli, the person employed by the hotel owners’ in Verona to handle their publicity who tells her that in the evening, she would meet the President of the Communita, a group of hotel owners of Verona and discuss the plans. And who does she meet …..Mario Ferrone, the owner of the hotel where she is staying. And she acts as if they don’t know each other.

My take:

I liked the book a lot especially the Romeo and Juliet part. Made me want to actually read more about Verona. The author has very beautifully described the feelings of both the characters.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: HarperCollins Harlequin


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