The story of Tublu by Jahid Akhtar

tublu1I received Story of Tublu by Jahid Akhtar as a review copy from The Tales Pensieve and would like to thank Reshmi for the same.

The blurb:

Devastated by the floods, Bipin and his little boy Tublu move to a faraway land, where they meet the Sharma’s. This marks the beginning of a long and enduring relationship between Bipin and the Sharma’s, and the growing friendship of their children Tublu and Maina. The book captures the journey of this friendship through childhood to adolescence and into adulthood. From some interesting school and college humor, the story progresses on and develops into a mature narrative. As years pass, Tublu’s plain and silent crush on Maina develops into deep love and longing for Maina which bears the potential to conquer all of life’s challenges. The story has its share of drama, that entertains; humor, that makes one reminisce; love, friendship and emotions that defines the amazing journey that is, life.

The story:

This book is the story of Tublu, a boy who lost his mother when he was three and lives with his father, Bipin, in a village in Assam and is left homeless when his village is inundated with floods. He moves to a small town with his father and they go to the Sharmas. Mr Sharma owns a school and gives Bipin a jon as his driver and gets Tublu admitted into a local school. The Sharma’s have a son, Paplu and a daughter, Maina. Tublu and Maina study in the same class though in different schools. The story then moves on describing their school days, adolescence, college days, hostel life, ragging, infatuations and then their adulthood.

I would not go into details further except that Tublu starts falling in love with Maina and Maina falls in love with someone else.

My take:

The introduction is like a review of the book without the pluses and minuses. But overall the language and the story are simple. The charactes ar likable and I ended up feeling for Tublu. Having grown up in Assam, I could understand many of the rituals easily and felt that some of them did not have much significance in the book and could have been avoided. Same goes for certain descriptions which were too vivid.

But overall, an interesting debut.

Book Source:The Tales Pensieve


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