Rustom and the last storyteller of Almora by Gaurav Parab

downloadI received Gaurav Parab’s Rustom and the last storyteller of Almora as a review copy from Hachette India and would like to thank them for the same. The book has been divided into three parts.

Rustom Iraqiwala is a rich man until he drains all his wealth on ‘the horses the women liked’ and is under debt and he feels that the only way out is committing suicide, an idea that occurred to him when his great grandfather’s will was read to him on his 30th birthday. Now, he feels that this is the only way his wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Sara would be out of the cash crunch. So he changes his SIM so that no one can trace him and boards a train which reaches its final destination, Kothaluru. He checks into a hotel and goes to his friend, Mani’s wedding where he has decided that he would shoot himself. Mani talks him out of it and sends him to his guru in an Ashram in the Himalayas.

When he reaches the ashram in a village, Gaon, he meets Kahaani Baba, in whose ashram he stays as one of the guests, under the alias, Dev. Baba has visions and tells the concerned person about the visions he has for him or her. And he has not one but two visions about Dev and these visions help Dev sort out his life.

There is one story of Ravi Joshi who goes and stays in Belgapur, but you have to read the book to find out how is he related.

Does Rustom go back to Bombay or does he stay on in the ashram, read on…..

My take:

In the initial part, I felt that the story was somewhat detached but as the story caught on, I was in it. The story has been beautifully narrated and the language is simple. The book is funny at times and there is suspense, drama, and everything that makes a book readable. Rustom’s character grew onto me that I was picturising the scenes.

Loved the book, it is an excellent debut.

Book Source: Publisher

Publisher: Hachette India


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