A bride for the Runaway groom by Scarlet Wilson

9789351068204.20150417174656A bride for the Runaway groom by Scarlet Wilson is my first book by the author. Published by Mills and Boon, this is the second in the Summer Weddings trilogy. I am yet to read the first one but am planning to do so as soon as I can lay my hands on it. These books are about three Huntingdon-Cross sisters, daughters of Rock star, Rick cross and ex-model, Sherry Huntingdon, named after three flowers, Rose, Violet and Daisy. Rose and Violet are twins and Daisy is the younger one. This second book is the story of Rose, a PR agent and Will Carter, a millionaire, better known as the Runaway groom because he has run away from getting married four times.

The story:

The youngest sister, Daisy, gets married to an Earl and on the next morning after Daisy’s wedding, Rose wakes up to find a stranger on her bed and hits him with a vase leaving him injured. The stranger is Will Carter, Violet’s best friend, who thinks that she is Violet. She ends up taking him to the hospital where the nurse tells her that he should not be left unattended for 24 hours. She has no option but to move in with him for one day. Seeing Daisy get married, her parents want to renew their vows and Rose is again put in charge of everything. And then a thought strikes, why not utilize Will’s experience and plan the vow renewal and Will agrees only if she helps him with his charity.

My take:

The story is sweet and the sibling bond between Rose and Violet has been portrayed beautifully as has the friendship between Violet and Will. Rick is the ideal father who shares a special bong with Rose.

Overall, a very cute book. Looking forward to the first and the last one in the series.
Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India


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