Just Six evenings by Tanmay Dubey

Just Six_spreadI received Tanmay Dubey’s Just six evenings as a review copy from Rupa Publications and am thankful to Richa Pathania for the same.

The Blurb:

What if the course of your life, and your love, is determined by just six evenings?

Atul Shukla, a young, successful executive, has been arrested by the Gurgaon police. As he attempts to find some comfort in the dark confines of his cell, Atul revisits his life and the six evenings that changed its course.

Eight years ago, while working in Bhopal, Atul had met the beautiful and intelligent Priya on a train, DDLJ style. When it turned out that she was in his city for only six days, he decided to woo her in that fleeting period of time. But fate had other plans in store, and Atul and Priya were torn apart by lust and betrayal, seemingly forever.

Years later, Atul and Priya meet once again for six days, while they are both navigating the murky underbelly of the modern corporate world. And this time it’s not just their love at stake, but their careers, and their future as well. Will Atul and Priya manage to give love a second chance? Or will corporate greed destroy their chance for a happy ending?

Just Six Evenings is a modern-day tale of love, lust and ambition in a corporate India that shines at the expense of the dreams it tramples under its feet.

The story:

The book starts on a cold December night in 2012, when Atul Shukla, an executive with an MNC is arrested and finds himself in a lockup in Gurgaon, Haryana. As he is sitting on the cold floor, the story moves into flashback.

Eight years ago, Atul was a sales executive in an electronics retail shop in Bhopal. On the way back to Bhopal from Raipur, he meets Priya Arya, an MBA student on the way to Indore via Bhopal. They get talking and he finds himself attracted to her. With the help of his friends, he organizes her training in Bhopal and meets her for six consecutive evenings, evenings that change his personal life. On the professional side, he is an ambitious boy, so he goes all out to prove himself by hook or by crook and is asked to resign from the salesmanship. He also loses his close friends and Priya.

Now, he is in Gurgaon, again out to prove himself but feels empty inside and then one day, when he is out on business with a prospective client, he meets Priya. And then he starts perusing Priya for both, personal and professional, interests for six evenings. Will Priya give in?? Read on….

My take:

The characters have been developed well not only the protagonists but also the supporting characters. The author has portrayed the relationship between Atul and his friends very beautifully, I could actually feel the banter going on between them. The books has mentioned how much somebody can stoop for professional gain. The story is simple and the flow is good.

Book Source: Publisher

Publisher: Rupa Publications


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