The chaos within by Ashima Chalia

Chaos Within_29Jan15The chaos within by Ashima Chalia is one of the books I received as a review copy from Rupa Publications. I would like to thank Richa for the same. It is the story of five college friends who meet at their college reunion and how it changes their lives.

The Blurb:

Designer clothes, swanky cars, unlimited one-night stands, successful careers, loving families and cute children—the Fiasco Five, once the most popular group of friends in St Magnum College, have got what they desired in life. Or so it seems.

An invite to the long-awaited college reunion brings back old memories and a golden opportunity to relive the life that the Fiasco Five once enjoyed. Little do they know that once they reach their alma mater, not only will their past catch them off guard but their lives will no longer be the same. As the friends stare down the barrel of the gun—quite literally—the critical question remains: Is it too late?

The Chaos Within dwells on the most cherished college memories of five best friends and an incident at the college reunion that changes their lives. It is a roller-coaster ride of fun, laughter, hatred and courage that bears testament to the most enduring relationship of all—friendship!

The story:

The book starts with a prologue: Mr Banerjee, the head of administration at Magnum College and incharge of almost everything, is asked by the ‘new age’ vice chancellor to make the upcoming reunion, an activity he has been involved in for sixteen years, a little different. And as he sits down to have a look at the batch in question, he sees that it is the Batch of 2003- the Fiasco Five Batch. Five friends, Krish, Samrat, Kabir, Mahi and Kamakshii are known as the Fiasco Five. They bonded during the ragging session in first year.

Krish, a spoilt rich brat who has had no responsibilities other than his family business which belongs to him after his father’s death, is still the same. Akshi calls him Pretty Boy.

Samrat Dholakia, Dholki, from not so well off family, is now a successful entrepreneur.

Kabir, a rich guy, the only one among the classmates to get a five figure pocket money, is a successful lawyer. Mahi’s best friend, he was also in love with her.

Mahi, the typical girl and everybody in the hostel ran their wardrobe, from the tip to toe to even ear rings, by her, is now married and rich. The only girl whom she could not influence was Kamakshi. She shared an easy camaraderie with Krish who treats her like the sister he never had.

Kamakshii, or Akshii, the tomboy, would rather sweat it out in the playground that be the dainty dainty. She is the glue that has held the group together all those years and knew exactly what they wanted or even needed to hear and how to motivate them, aggravate them and also to pacify them. Akshii and Mahi are not only best friends but long lost sisters.

Ten years later, they meet. Also at the reunion is another friend of theirs with whom they have lost touch in the ten years. And thensomething happens and they get talking  and skeletons come tumbling out of the closet.

My take:

A short and sweet book, only 142 pages long, can be finished in two sittings.  The characters are realistic, people we all tend to meet in life. The language is simple and story is fast paced moving from the present to ten years ago fully in reference with the present context. The book has been written in third person. I loved Mr Banerjee’s Bengali accent. There is romance, drama and suspense.

Book Source: Publisher

Publisher: Rupa Publications

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